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Being a Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Student

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Interested in studying sport Science but not sure which university to choose?

Watch our video to find out what makes sport, health and exercise sciences at bangor Uni so special.

Visit the website for more information on our courses http://www.bangor.ac.uk/sport

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I saw the area i fell in love with the

area if it was beautiful right by the

sea and in the mountains and i also have

a great passion for mountain walking and

eventually got into climbing as well so

that was hooked and I couldn't leave so

it's one of those places where you come

to you arrive and then you just can't

leave because it's so beautiful I think

you'll find this is particularly

friendly place to be and I take great

pride in that open those kids give you a

feel for the university's actually like

so I went to a couple of open days

before I chose my degree and some some

institutions your places that I thought

we're gonna be my first choice then fell

down the ladder when I went and actually

spoke to people and saw what they do and

that's the reason I came to banga when I

got here everyone was so friendly and

accommodating that it just had to become

my first choice fantastic is a lot to do

here if you do more outdoors and go and

do your walking this happen either and

if you ask for upstairs for student

societies lowes to do it on open days

myself and only give the sort of student

guide presentation so this is our fourth

year here in banger and then we'll do

lab tours give a few an idea of what

sort of experiments you can do in some

of the labs throughout your degree you

get a good feel of the department and

the kind of environment that you can be

working in gives you a good feel for the

city itself

i started in sport science here is

mainly because i wanted to do a research

project at the end of it majority of

courses do things like participation but

sports science allows you to actually

get involved and do your own testing in

little bits of pieces in that kind of

area and also gives it access to their

any different sports coaching courses

and improve our chances getting a good

job at the end of it the outdoor

activities basically once again gives

your hands on like vocational experience

in in the outdoor industry of course

that's quite a big pile you know my

social life and sort of oil want to

tailor my sort of academic career

towards as well we're very very keen

here at banghard that the people who do

the teaching in our school are our

research losers so they're the ones

actually doing the good research in the

front line and get a lot of practical

experience in the outdoors and then we

get to relate everything you learn in

lectures to that environment as well

which I thought was really good and

really strong part of the course I enjoy

the closeness that my class had together

just the feel in the classroom is very

one-on-one and close so you got a lot of

attention as a student as well

been brilliant they make so many friends

and sadly for such an achievement it's

fantastic it's it's all your hard work

has now finally come to come to the end

and you're getting awarded there which

are masters so it's pretty it's pretty

crazy to be able to call yourself a

master there's the beach the scenery

Snowden so it's basically all you could

ever want to take a little bit of

paradise God the highlights I think game

I think just the general environment

around the department I think we were

quite lucky because it's a group of the

group of students the crack was just

unbelievable between us it was just it's

good luck yes it's hard work and hope

and to either become a PE teacher or

join the area and be a physiotherapist

my favorite thing about the school

itself is probably the accessibility and

the thinness of all the staff so if I've

got a problem I can just wander up these

stairs and knock on someone's door I

don't have to worry about key cards or

you know booking meetings if someone's

got a quick five minutes that's fine if

you bring a pack of biscuits as well

people are usually quite happy to see


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