June 23, 2024

"I Still Have That Balotelli Jersey..." 😂 Shots Fired From Erling Haaland! 🤣 #UCLFinal

Published June 12, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Erling Haaland Revels In Champions League Glory & Throwing Shade At Rio Ferdinand. #UCLFinal #ChampionsLeague #ErlingHaaland

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and look who's with us and look who's

got a gold medal around his neck earning

Harland congratulations thank you

Champions League winner treble winner

you've had a bit of time now to let it

sink in how are you feeling unbelievable

uh this is in my wildest dreams I would

never think of this as a 22 year old me

to be honest


but again it shows that it's possible

for a guy from a small Hometown in

Norway and uh

this also gives

I think motivation to

other young people that was in my same

kind of situation playing football in

the indole hall in my my hometown so

it's unbelievable

it feels like such a quick Journey but

for you and for your family this has

been something that has been hard work

for since she was six seven eight years


um thinking about your family this

evening and the sacrifices they've made

over the years as well yeah it's uh for

me I said it before I said it earlier

this week in the interview about having

good people around me throughout my

whole life you know having good people

that you can trust is even more

important nowadays so to have this is uh

it's fantastic and with my father and

with my mother here as well is fantastic

so I'm so happy what does this mean for

you and your team what are you said in

your wildest dreams you couldn't have

imagined this in your first season

especially but for this team now where

can this team get to are you looking at

what are you going to enjoy yourself

tonight don't get me wrong but are you

looking about looking next season and

getting back to these Heights again

is that the mindset I think after a

couple of days when I when this settles

a bit this feeling of winning this


I think I want to do it again for sure I

know myself that much that I'm quite

sure this is how I will think

how do you get even better from here I

mean we I watch you play football with

these experts and they say I can't find

a fault with this game what do you think

about when you think about improving no

I can improve a lot uh I can improve on

today is a difficult game I was close a

couple of times I had a chance in the

first half I could have got the ball

against uh

I could have got the ball from gundor in

the first half but he played to Jack

second half it was really close from

fill a couple of times so on a good day

I think I could have scored two goals

but in the end

I really don't care about that right now

to be honest right now in finals the

only thing is about winning and every

one of you guys know that in these games

it's not it's about performing as a team

and to get the the trophy how good is

Pep this manager everyone's talking

about him potentially one of the

greatest managers ever give us some

insight into what he's like behind the

scenes especially in these high pressure

situations really emotional uh same for

me as well and uh

it's such a big game you know it's uh


the the pressure is unbelievable you all

got you all know that uh

but to work with him is really special

you know we have a good relationship and

ever since I came here it's been helping

me a lot and I really look forward to to

next season to develop even more because

I think as I just said I think I can

develop a lot so because I'm still young

I'm only 22. I have a lot of years left

so uh to be

getting trained by him every single day

the best coach in the world is uh

it's a good place to be well listen all

four of these guys have just been saying

they wish that when they were in your

position they'd save a bit more they'd

enjoyed the moment more look we can have

a look at a shot here of you as a young

lad wearing a Mario Balotelli shirt

playing football and in the blink of an

eye you're standing next to a football

pitch with a Champions League winning

medal around your neck next to Mario

Balotelli life's mad

yeah you know in my wildest dreams I

would never think of this

so uh I think I still have that Jersey

just actually I I really enjoyed that

especially a goal on Old Trafford I I

love that one so early man

what are we doing man Jesus yeah so it's

uh it's fantastic so it's what life is

about really

Striker to Striker what a player I can I

can't teach him nothing this guy is

scoring he's scoring a lot and he can

score even more so it's right when you

win you celebrate but then

you can always improve and when you are

22 and his mentality is like this

it will win a lot believe me we'll win a

lot amazing well look peps already said

you get a couple of weeks off and then

it starts from zero next season

good luck with that thank you we have to

defend what we what we achieved this

season that's how it works in uh

in a month two months

everything is forgotten and then we have

to start attacking again so that's life

enjoy the party thank you guys

congratulations thank you for coming

over and talking to us


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