May 30, 2024

Pure Emotion Pouring Out Of Jack Grealish ❤️ "This Is What I Have Worked For My Whole Life!"

Published June 12, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

An emotional Jack Grealish Reflects On Completing the treble 🏆 #JackGrealish #UCLFinal #ManchesterCity

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Jack we just heard from an emotional

teammate of yours you've got tears in

your eyes sum up your feelings right now

I don't know this is just

what you want your whole life for in it

so happy man

enjoy it man enjoy it here we go okay so

today I was awful

yeah I don't care like honestly as

to win the treble you know with this

group of players and uh this startup I

swear it's so special and just I don't

know this is just what you what anyone

that knows me knows like you know how

much talk of a family person I am and

how much I love football and stuff and

this will just I don't know this one I

just work for my whole life

we're in the same hotel as your family I

saw your dad at breakfast today and

asked him how he was feeling and he said

I can't even tell you how I'm feeling

um and in this moments like this where

you think about the people that have

driven you to matches year after year

season after season uh is it is and you

think about you know it's all the people

that about you along the way and stuff

and you know just seeing my family there

in the car man just I don't know it

makes me emotional

what about what would you like to say

about your manager

Virginia I just said to him and I just

said I want to thank you because you've

made this happen for me you know he put

so much faith for me you know buying me

for a lot of money and even last year

you know when I was playing crap he you

know I was stayed there with me and I

spoke to me and then this year he's

giving me that platform to go and

perform so I just said Thank you to him

sure Jackson good luck man


um another Jimmy stew man so listen you

and your family enjoy it all right hold

up you won the treble well done



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