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The Sports Science Lab is where athletics and technology meet to create top-notch players

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

Step inside one of the country's most advanced sports training facilities, the Sports Science Lab in Staten Island, NY, where some of our best athletes train day in and day out.

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all this data that we have we interpret

in a different way

we think outside the box if everybody

does this has been the way we do it life

becomes so much easier for the athletes

besides working with the body besides

getting them stronger more stable more

flexible whatever it is we work with

their rates the brain is one of the

biggest tools for athletics and people

completely overlooking what we want to

do is to create that balance between how

your body reacts and how you break



my name is al Iaquinta I'm from Long

Island New York

I'm a professional mixed martial arts

fighter I fight in the UFC and currently

I'm right number six in the world in the

lightweight division there is a ton of

training that goes into training for a

UFC fight basically two workouts a day

you have to cover all bases boxing

wrestling jujitsu strength and

conditioning its accuracy speed training

here has given me the edge because here

at the sports science lab I've added in

brain training and a lot of recovery

which is a necessity in this field

athletes come to us to get better fast

they have to go back faster they have to

go back stronger they have to have an

itch if they don't have an inch this

another guy behind me wants their job we

do something called brain training which

is one of the best things we do here at

the lab and that gives you an edge


the brain training is designed to help

you get more focused more attentive when

we apply this new cognitive training we

allow the brain to be able to multitask

utilize both sides in different aspects

when he has to match the targets he has

to be as close to the center as possible

at the same time we use in the auditory

stimuli to get that focus whenever he's

on the octagon is gonna be way easier

for him because you just focus on the

opponent that's all you do we're trying

to get that heart rate a little bit

higher trying to use the less less hot

suit so this is going to be making that

heart rate higher by the same time the

muscles in between your ribs they're

gonna work for so he's gonna be able to

go more and more and more during the

fight we're not getting tired the

infrared light is a different wavelength

from light this light what it does is

penetrates about seven millimeters in

the skimped is gonna break down scar

tissue is gonna break down inflammation

he's gonna make that blow better so the

muscles gonna get the oxygen and

nutrients that they need much more

efficiently what we're trying to get

right now is to see how his reaction

time between those lights this lights

what they have a successor so I'm seeing

how many times he missed when you take

them off everything looks slower using

the fit lights using the brain training

it transfers into the cage for sure I

really credit a win that I had against

Diego Sanchez I don't think I would have

done it without being here at the lab so

iil them a tremendous amount in all

athletic performance there are

imbalances all those different things

that we use both for recovery and

habilitation they help tremendously in

this case they'll lower the number the

better because you were closer to the

beat so having that and you're getting

seven seven that's great I felt myself

drift off like missing more than halfway

through yeah

this is something no other fighters are

doing it's given me such an advantage

even just my confidence going into a

fight it's not just for next month it's

for the next 20 years the most important

part of what we do here is to educate


the sports science lab is so innovative

because they're on the forefront of

technology as far as equipment goes

those gadgets and those things and

nobody else has and the way that we do

they're gonna tell me a story of you the

industry the way I see it is we have to

evolve as the technologies evolve

they're paying a little more attention

to the brain and how the brain reacts

and how that's gonna be affecting the

athlete and I see ourselves being part

of that industry and being an example

for that industry



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