May 21, 2024

New Range Rover Sport | Technology

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

The most technologically advanced Range Rover Sport, ever. Find out more: [link]

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the new range rover sport is more

technologically advanced than ever

digital led headlights with signature

daytime running lights provide brilliant

visibility with a range of up to 500

meters each headlight uses 1.3 million

digital micro mirror devices to

precisely tailor the beam pattern

masking up to 16 individual objects to

optimize illumination and minimize the

risk of dazzling other road users

adaptive front lighting uses navigation

data to preemptively follow the road

ahead for greater visibility optimizing

the driving experience in all conditions

our latest pivi pro infotainment system

features a floating curved glass full hd

13.1 inch touchscreen with haptic


ninety percent of tasks can be accessed

in two tabs from the home screen

it's faster more intuitive and smarter

than ever

the cloud-based setup is always on

always connected and with software over

the air always up to date

an embedded sim supports the seamless

connectivity provided by the online pack

and wi-fi hotspot with data plan

providing full access to embedded apps

even without your mobile phone

this works in harmony with a 13.7 inch

interactive driver display with new hd

graphics and full color head up display

the new range rover sport with amazon

alexa helps you make even more of your

world alexa navigate me to home

getting directions use alexa to control

your navigation and music including

spotify naturally and intuitively with

your voice it's built into our pv pro

infotainment system so it's fast

responsive and easy to use you can also

make calls listen to audio books hear

the news check the weather and even

control compatible smart home features

alexa open the garage door

opening the garage door

you can even interact with your vehicle

remotely using the land rover remote

skill on any alexa enabled device or in

the alexa app

land rover's clearsight ground view and

clearsight interior rear view further

increase visibility all around you

low speed maneuvering lights illuminate

the ground to guide you into tight spots

in dim light conditions when using the

3d surround camera

wireless apple carplay delivers

effortless iphone connectivity

wireless device charging with phone

signal booster keeps you fully charged

and in touch

you can also connect with wireless

android auto

remote park assist allows you to

maneuver into and out of tight spaces

using your smartphone from outside your


parking has never been so easy



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