May 30, 2024

Introduction to One Sport Technology

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

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hello and welcome to an introduction to

the one sport technology system by I&J

support the technology group today's

session is just to take you through new

functionality and laughs of the system

and give you a brief introduction to

some of the functionality the first

notice is that we now sign in and be


this will also be if you are a member of

a sporting organization it'll be the

same organ that you will use to access

your member profile as well once logged

in you will see a listing of all the

different organizations that you are

attached to as an administrator me being

employee advantage or Technology Group I

have access to all organizations but you

as a club administrator or Association

or state administrator might have access

to multiple organizations as well and

these will show in this first screen if

you only are an administrator for one

organisation there would only be one

organization in this agreement so if I

click into the IMG STG console this is

now the new back-end interface that you

as administrators what we see we have

tried to make this as clean as possible

to make it easy to navigate at it for

all of our administrators so across the

top similar to what we used to have we

have our modules so at the moment

activated use the member desk module

this will have your membership

information your financial information

so there is no longer subscriptions menu

that now sits within your member debs


we have shop desk so that's been

activated we will have another webinar

dedicated to the shop death module so we

won't go into that too much today and

then we have our utilities so this used

to be our tools menu which now houses

your email templates and your documents

which also include images so they've

both found in the same area now and then

we have our administration area so like

the old classic system the ability to

choose or have your users set up within

the security area user fields are the

different options that you can have your

members select whether mr. mrs. date of

birth those sorts of fields that they

can enter into as well as your custom

information as well which we'll go

through a little bit later on so going

through the members area similarly to

the old system we have the left-hand

menu navigation and the first option we

have here is your members and as it

suggests this will be where you'll find

your member information so if some

basically you have a listing of your

your members in this section so last

name first name their email address the

membership that they belong to whether

their I do so before we used to have the

green tick or the red cross fit in

active use now just been changed to the

word to keep it consistent across the

system whether they're financial or not

so a quick reference check there and

then we have the actions button so this

is another thing that you'll find quite

consistent over all the modules and

different menus that cross the system is

a consolidated actions button that you

can utilize so as we do up the top and

actions to add the member or export the

members before we used to have the

buttons listed across the top of this


so if we were going to look at a member

so I'll choose Jonathan Walsh here we

can see that he belongs time the STG

console he's an active member we can

change him to an inactive membership we

need to for whatever reason if he's been

suspended or you know on the part of

that Club we can see that he's not

financial so if we choose to view this

number we can first see his personal

details as you would have in the old

classic system his contact information

if this had been completed his forms so

this is the new custom field section so

we now have the ability to attach

multiple questions to forms which can be

specified to the particular membership

of person purchases so you're able to

have as many questions as as you want

and they can be syndicated down again

like they used to be from the higher

entities in the access time so as I

mentioned when we first logged in we now

have the unique identifier of each of

them being their email addresses so this

is in one with different online

functions such as Facebook and LinkedIn

where your email address is your unique

identifier and as administrators we now

also made the change that you can't see

the passwords of each of your members or

administrators for that matter so this

information is all encrypted if you do

forget your password or your members

forget their password they are able to

reset this through I've got my password

function which sends out an email with a

password reset which is activated for 30

minutes until that expires they need to

do that process again you've reached

that 30-minute window we can then see

the membership information for a member

so whether they're active whether

they're financial we can see the member

types that

attached to this is another difference

from the old classic system where you

could only have one member type you can

now have multiple member types attached

to a member as well as different

membership numbers as well in the

subscriptions tab we can see the

subscriptions that this person has

subscribed to so there could be inactive

in this case though Jonathan hasn't paid

this subscription off or they could be

active if the subscription was active

his financial status would then also be

updated to be financial as yes or idea

as well we then have linked members so

where there are situations of families

within your database as I mentioned the

email is the unique identifier of a

member now so if a family has the same

email address in this case that Jonathan

and Mary Mary is now secondary to

Jonathan and link to her and link to his

profile sorry so Mary won't have an

email address against her at this point

in time this is something we will be

implementing but she is linked to

Jonathan as part of their family

registration process we then have

organizations so jonathan is attached to

the IMG STG console but he could also be

a member of for example Footscray hope

he could if he had more than one

organization that he would link was

linked to this would be listed here in

the cases of dual registration and so

forth this again is the fundamental

difference to the old classic system

where we might have had duplicate

members if there were parts of different

clubs now we have one member record and

they are able to be attached to multiple

organizations within their system if we

refer back to the actions tab here we

can see our notes history we can edit a

member add links members to that to that

particular man

we can add subscriptions we can send

emails or go back to the member listing

so these functions again now

consolidated within the actions menu

instead of having all the buttons that

we used to have in the classic system

listed above the member record so just

trying again to streamline and neaten up

the visibility of the screen so if we go

back to the listing we can then also if

we go back to the left-hand menu go to

the member types so member types but

it's very similar to the way that it did

in classic in that it can be syndicated

on your higher entities in this case

that can't be created at the cup level

so they've been syndicated down they as

I said a member can be attached to

multiple member types so whether they're

an adult they might also this master or

they could be a coach as well as a

senior player those sorts of things so

there's the ability to attach multiple

member types to remember your member

groups works in a very similar fashion

to the way it did in classic again

another way to categorize your members

whether you want to put your members

into their team groups or committee

members or volunteers those sorts of

things very similar to how it works in

closing we then have the subscription

type so as I mentioned at the beginning

the subscriptions and your financial

information is now housed within the

member death menu it's on a separate

menu on its own so your subscription

types can be created at your club level

or again can be distributed down from

other levels which it would be indicated

by this little tree diagram if it's come

down from a higher entity we will have

another webinar to go through how you

can set up your subscriptions and so

forth as well going further down the

menu is your financial

these houses obviously your financial

information in the first menu item we

have your payment so these are all paid

transactions that have gone through the

system whether they've been cash or

credit card

they've been recorded we then have a

listing of the refunds that have been

processed if any and then you have your

subscriptions so your subscriptions can

be your paid unpaid transactions and you

can identify these by the status so if

they're inactive they haven't been paid

if they're active they have been paid so

it's a full list of generated

transactions within the system whether

they've been paid off or not so people

in the case of this and inactive ones

may have registered online but not paid

at the point of the transaction at the

point of registration so they're going

to come in later and potentially pay at

that point you then have your

settlements so again the same as your

custody system you've settlements run on

a weekly schedule however they are

settled on a Friday instead of their

Monday or processed on a Friday should

say so they will appear in your bank

account before Monday or Tuesday

depending on your financial provider we

then have your email management tab

different I guess to the classic system

is that your email management only

relies on your distribution list so you

have to create a number of different

lists to send emails out and so you

the only other ways through that is

individually to remember this is another

name up that way so you then have your

campaign management so very similar you

can see the name of your campaign when

it was sent who it was sent to from

email as well as a number of statistics

diamond-hard balance of balances and so

forth as well we then have your portal

settings so this is the front end that

can design for your members so in the

first instance we've got the title that

usually appears in this little tab up

here of what you're what you're calling

your membership portal whether you're

accepting registration so you switch

that on if you're letting people

register online or pay online and then

the relevant URL link for your portal in

the Welcome tab is the information that

you're going to place on the first

screen that your members see when they

go to register using the portal you've

got the ability to add in images to

select a theme and choose whether the

membership number process you're using

and whether you want a confirmation to

pop up on the screen once a person has

registered through the system so just to

show you an example of what the portal

looks like this is our IMG STG portal

there's the ability to add in extra

pages there might be information about

about your actual organization a link to

your website and so forth but the

registration button so for new members

and you've got login button as well if

we return back to the console so here's

section additional pages where you can

add those additional pages as I said

there was about us an ing SVG website

page as well we go to the administration

menu across the top the questions

listing is where you set up your

relevant custom questions so as I

mentioned earlier you are able to set up

as many questions as you would like now

you're not restricted by a format of

question or the number of questions that

you would like to ask your members these

can again be syndicated down from the

national stage association level as well

so always good to see what they are

asking you movers so you're not doubling


information but you've got the ability

to ask those different different

questions and then attach them to your

relevant form so a form could be for

your seniors and you're going to ask

them particular questions that you would

ask senior members and you might have a

junior registration form that you have

questions about their parents and

guardians and so forth like that where

they need permission from a person over

18 to it since I'm not fine on the

information so you can now distinguish

different sets of questions by the

member type that gets asked to remember

when they're registering through the

system so that's a brief introduction

into the one sport technology system we

will be having some further webinars as

I mentioned about how you can set up

your registrations your subscriptions

and so forth as well as your shop in the

coming days and weeks so stay tuned for

them and hopefully this has been of

benefit in the meantime


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