June 23, 2024

Transforming Fan Experiences with Innovative Sports Technology

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

Measuring fan experience is inherently tricky as no fan is the same. However, no matter the sport, a fast and rich data set can improve any fan experience. 📈

NTT DATA is reinventing fan experiences across the globe, including elite sporting events from the Tour de France to The Open, by creating an additional layer of exceptional data analytics and insights.

🆕 The latest example of this innovation comes in the form of our revolutionary Digital Twin technology, that is set to be debuted at the 150th Open at St Andrews.

✍ Find out more about our partnership with The Open and the R&A here 👉 https://www.nttdata.com/global/en/about-us/ntt-data-the-open

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sports are fast

and furious


and hard hitting sports can be a slog

or elegant

but sport is always

always about the fans

all across the world ntt using

technology to shape the future of sports

and bring fans closer to the action


what i love most i think just that human

interaction with the machine and both of

them having to have a perfect day to

celebrate winning the indianapolis 500.

what i love about the sport today is

there's still those elements of why we

were built to test technology and no

place is better to test new technologies

than the indycar and the indycar series

but then in the venue as well making

sure our customers feel that technology

experience as well

you can't see the whole track so you

don't know what's happening if you're

sitting in turn one what's happening in

turn three



that's been really exciting to be able

to have a partner that has the knowledge

that has the experience

that has the desire and the passion to

know just as much about our sport as we


bringing all of that together makes that

experience better for our customer the

customer really feels engaged and they

walk away feeling like they got insider

information that at the end of the day

makes the experience so much better and

i got a better chance of getting them to

come back and enjoy the indy 500 again


what i love in youtube this is the

technical challenge every day and when

you are talking about the technology

when you are explaining that every day

all the infrastructure all the system is


he's shutting down

moving during the night re-lighting in

the morning it's it's really complicated

it's really complex we absolutely need

to be agile to be scalable it's always

inspiring to see that we can

push the buyers go further together and

create new ideas we need to

connect we need to engage with all these

kind of fans

with the smart stadium we can create

even more connection between people who

are on the road and people who are

watching the tour de france in front of

their tv or on their mobile this is the

the concept of a smart stadium a lot of

services has been deployed in feed

stadium for uh for the fans and our idea

is to build the same time of experience



in the middle of nowhere i would say

give more services to the people you

need to download virtuality reality

application for localizing the race and

thanks to ntt you are definitely

more part of the tour than before close

to the

spirit of the truth of course we are

just building something that doesn't

exist for the moment


what i personally love about technology

is definitely the social connection that

technology can

create that's a part of the greatness of

the tortoise falls


mlp and ntt have partnered to contribute

mlb's further success by accelerating

the future of smart sports and by

providing a new fan experience of

watching sports through technological

innovation that transmits the experience

of watching dynamic mlb baseball to

remote locations in real time

well ntt data and the open have now had

a 10-year relationship which is is great

10 years has flown by and i'm delighted

with the innovation ntt data has bought

the open has really brought the

championship to the forefront of sport

with with everything they do for us

giving the spectator and the fans as

much information on the course so they

can watch

live tv

on their app and they can track all the

scores of all the players they can see

the the most birdied hole the most

difficult hills everything is better for

the fans and great for the open


shaping the future

of sports


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