May 30, 2024

B725 Pro Sport Technology : Triple Trigger System

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

TRIPLE trigger system

The Triple trigger system fine tunes finger-to-trigger reach on target models. Includes three trigger shoes: Wide checkered, narrow smooth and wide smooth canted.

More information about the new b725 Pro sport on our website :

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the triple trigger system fine-tunes

finger to trigger II John Browning's

target shotguns you choose which trigger

suits you said assaulted small

punchiness night that sweats out it's

just like ones this one on here is quite

thin quite a smooth surface the other

one makes exclaims this one for quite

wide as you like a big grip and then

third one has got like a patent or it

like a chequered instead it's only just

down at your own opinion just put allen

key in there and then come now to form a

militia pilot back on the Browning pro

sport includes three trigger shoes white

checkered narrow smooth and wide smooth

canted for more visits browning Dottie



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