May 21, 2024

The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary)

Published June 12, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

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"The earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of grounding" is directed by Sundance Award-Winning filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell (The Big Fix, FUEL, etc). This is a feature-length documentary based on their viral short film entitled 'Down To Earth,' that reveals the scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by doing the simplest thing that a person can do…standing barefoot on the earth.

The winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Dances With Films Festival, the film shares the Tickell family's journey with the healing power of grounding, aka earthing, and the people they met and learned from along the way; featuring grounding pioneer Clint Ober, author Deepak Chopra M.D., actress/activist Amy Smart, author/activist Mariel Hemingway, cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, renowned healer Dr Joseph Mercola, engineer and physicist Gaetan Chevalier, PhD. and many others.

Over 20 peer-reviewed studies have shown that grounding (earthing) reduces of the most damaging internal biological processes that leads to chronic disease. So get out there and put your feet on the ground, and/or increase your grounding time indoors with grounding products. Your body and mind will thank you! Read up on all the studies and research at

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our names are Rebecca and Josh tekele

were filmmakers and our specialty is

making films about the environment in

2010 we made a movie called the big fix

about an oil spill that happened in

Louisiana while filming that movie I was

exposed to a toxic chemical dispersant

my health suffered considerably and I

had skin rashes and other problems

doctor said and I may even have problems

conceiving or bearing children

in spite of the warnings we decided to

try to have kids anyway


even knowing the risks didn't make it

any less devastating when I had a

miscarriage I love little person that

could see those divers freely

really she's looking at you when we got

pregnant with our daughter the doctor

said there was a birth defect and there

was a chance she wouldn't make it


miraculously she was born healthy and



but for two years she had chronic

sicknesses and we were in and out of

hospitals almost constantly so he

decided to look at all of our options

and nothing was off the table doctor if

your depression worsens so if you have

unusual changes in behavior or thoughts

of suicide

symptoms of a serious allergic reaction

may include itching rash or difficulty

breathing tell your doctor if you get

scenaries yellow worsening cough chest

pain shortness of breath diarrhea severe

stomach pain or tenderness the dichotomy

between alternative and traditional

medicine is a false one so first off

what we have to talk about is what

exactly is CBT there are some natural

doctors out there who literally claim

they know everything so they're telling

you about vaccinations they're telling

you about everything that you should do

I think you need to be very cautious as

a consumer of health care there are

medical doctors out there who offer some

of this hocus yes I'll call it hocus

pocus virtually dolphintherapy it's the

most relaxing experience you can ever


snake massage therapy urine therapy and

the only thing I can do is to drink my

own pee finally a friend gave us a copy

of the book called earthing

the premise by planting your bare feet

on the ground your body will begin to

heal itself

could such a simple thing help our

daughter get better


it sounded too easy we were skeptical

and as it turns out we weren't the only


please welcome quited Paltrow


couple of things I bring them down here

for instance tell us about earthing what

is earthing oh okay

it's kind of they say that we've lost

touch with sort of being barefoot in the

earth and that there's some type of

electromagnetic thing that we're missing

it's true it's good to take your shoes

off and walk in the grass so we decided

to consult the experts as simple terms

crowning is literally putting your bare

feet on the ground when you do that

you're in contact with the earth and

Mother Earth's is endowed with electrons

and these electrons are literally absorb

through your feet it's like taking

handfuls of antioxidants but you're

getting into the feet grounding means

connecting to the earth to support the

specific function of the organs of your

body it supports the body as a whole but

it specifically supports organ systems

down to the tissues and the cellular

function of the entire body grounding

provides a steady we call it a ground

plane it's like lying naked on the earth

but where I come from in the winter you

can't do that all the systems in the

body all of them that we've measured and

we've measured just about everything you

can think of everything goes to balanced

normal when you're grounded the man who

started the grounding aka earthing

movement is Clint Ober well Clint I mean

it were first of all we're super honored

to have you here you know your book has

been everywhere and everyone who's been

telling us about it it's kind of a

phenomenon and it's also kind of hard to

believe I have to confess when I first

heard about our thing I was super

skeptical so you know is that a common

reaction that you get from people yes

and I was myself it took me 20 years to

dig this out of the dirt and get it to

the world and I questioned it all the

way because it just didn't make sense

and what is the main reaction you get

from people

when they get this information response

has been pretty much a lot of skepticism

which because it sounds absurd how can I

just take my shoes off but my feet on

the ground and reduce inflammation

because the world has been about

everything from oatmeal to blueberries

to you name it it's one of those things

you can talk until you're blue in the

face but until you experience it you're

not gonna believe it but once you

experience it then the biggest trouble

you have is trying to explain it to

somebody else so a lot of the naysayers

I mean they like most of the guys say

well if this are true out or known about

this I want to heard about this somebody

would have told this this this can't be

something brand-new that we don't know

about and I just say I'm sorry it is

something something new it means

something we accidentally we

accidentally disconnected from the earth

you have many air for everybody they

have to be able to wear shoes

inexpensive shoes that was a real

advancement but on the other hand nobody

knew the consequence for the side

effects of of losing our ground losing

our electrical ground with the planet

I grew up around Native American people

primarily but Cheyenne and the crow


my dad died when I was quite young but I

remember even before he died we didn't

have a lot of money or a lot of material



but in the Native American culture it

was very interesting that nobody homes

anything you can't own land

you can't own trees how can you own this


and then there was an event where one of

my friends sister uh-huh no Indian girl

had I believe it was scarlet fever she'd

been to the doctor it's not all that

kind of stuff when she wasn't getting

well and they brought her home and there

was nothing they could do for him

whatever it was real traumatized by it I

remember one of the elders they dug a



and put a little bit of straw in it

whatever and they put her in the in the

ground on the earth builds fire there

and just sat with her for like days


and then next thing we knew she was up

running around she was okay it was just

awesome just totally awesome


there are many things that that kind of

stuck in my memory as I got older and

one of them was I remember coming home

one day and we were gonna go into one of

the kids TPS with his parents and the

mother said take those shoes off they'll

make you sick why she would say they

were to make you sick of I wouldn't have

had a clue at that time it turns out

that today we Americans don't spend a

whole lot of time grounding that may

have something to do with our love of

shoes tell me about your relationship

with your feet and shoes


shoes I love shoes oh my god it's more

of an addiction yeah pretty much you

need them for everything you want to

stub your toe everywhere he's like your

shoes can't represent you I have to do

anyway you gotta get the shoes first and

then that matches the outfit that's

gonna go with it you can never just it's

not clothes purses shoes like shoes

first includes yeah that's like my

biggest thing I stub my toe every day

how many pairs do you think you have I

think of Doc Martens alone I have ten oh

god no

maybe ten only you Pearson I like I'd

say 50 or 60 pairs of shoes have you

guys ever heard of grounding no no no

what is that do I know much about

grounding you have two kids

yeah ground the whole time oh it's like

spiritually like can that becoming can

it like more grounded and connected to

your third there are some people who

think that walking barefoot could bring

some health benefits what do you think

of that

I agree but disagree when you go

barefoot you like touch like the warm

sand or you go like to the ocean it just

like feels like better like your body

like more commerce I think the benefit

if we could would give me maybe

personally more of like a connection to

my life to all the life around me and I


now that you think of it mean when I go

barefoot maybe I'm a house or something

that feels nice maybe that's the spin

there we have these things that we don't

even recognize like shoes in the first

place we feel like more people could

benefit from being grounded oh for sure

absolutely tell peak it's healthy it's


I actually got yelled at a lot by my

parents because I was trying to go

barefoot everywhere even in the snow

it's like for me I just don't feel

comfortable or I guess you can say like

oh no it's just not really my my train

oh I went girl mow barefoot oh yeah you

go just trying to sleep with the shoes

on like shoes off the bed mm-hmm

what helps you get grounded good shoots

but shoes haven't always been such a big

part of our culture


okay what's the deal with ease

well America makes synthetic rubber this

kind one of two principal types is

called Puna mix the chemical Valley


in 1960 we invented synthetic materials

the first thing we did was we put rubber

sole synthetic soles on the shoes

I'm swifty flier I just can't bleep eat

in my PF Flyers that who's that Twitter

Q a big event happened you know I call

it the Nike generation the Adidas

generation the tennis shoes generation

we started word sneakers


95% of people walk insulated on the


so this most common-sense thing that we

are organisms that live and grow and

depend entirely on the earth while we're

alive and yet we have completely

isolated ourselves from it

we're so disconnected that it becomes

this weird thing if we actually slip our

shoes off you've heard it before

celebrities are just like us

or are they Elle Fanning did something

the other day that probably a lot of you

may not do the 18 year old actress

landed at LAX Airport late one night

looked pretty comfortable but it was

what she wasn't wearing that was getting

people's attention and she walked

barefoot throughout the airport this was

the single thing that happened that

probably caused the proliferation of

inflammation related health disorders

far and above anything else

this is the most destructive invention

that man ever made

the synthetic salt shoe this is so

incredible this is Nobel Prize material

basically what we're trying to

demonstrate what we're going to

demonstrate here is just show that when

you stand barefoot on the earth and you

touch the earth that your body is

conductive and what this is is basically

akin continuity meter but so what I'm

gonna do is plug it into the earth like

so and I'm going to put my hand on it

and you can see here my finger on the

back but you received that the light

turns green and that means that I'm


to illustrate this Sam here is wearing a

pair of tennis shoes and when he puts it

on it turns it on you can see that he's

not grounded but because I am grounded I

am barefoot on the earth when I touch

Sam he turns he is naturally brown

December 7th link

like many great discoveries Clint Ober

stumbled undergrounding as a result of

an unusual sequence of events I got

involved in the cable industry in the

early 60s


I first learned the need to ground cable

signals as we were developing the

industry when you run a wire into the

house before you can go into the house

you have to ground the cable grounding

is to maintain the entire system in a

stable electrical environment I mean you

have miles of wire hanging up there in

the air if there's lightning in the air

it's gonna hit the cable and so what you

want to do is create a path to ground

for the lightning so that it doesn't

enter the house or blow up a TV or

create a fire so any electrical event is

maintained at Earth potential

automatically equalized with the earth

and eliminated neutralized Clint had a

background in the cable TV industry and

he knew that cables that come to your

home with TV programs have to be

grounded if they're not two things can

happen you get snow on the screen the

picture is terrible and the other is you

get a knock on the door from the Federal

Communications Commission because the

signal is disturbing aircraft

communication it leaks into the


just as ungrounded signals wreak havoc

on radio communications there's growing

concern that because we are not grounded

we absorb tremendous amounts of

electromagnetic radiation from our

modern devices EMF stands for

electromagnetic field we are all

immersed in electromagnetic fields from

Wi-Fi from the wiring in our homes and

it disturbs our electrical balance we

get charged inside of our bodies we get

electrically charged some people have as

much as 20 volts on their bodies and

that's not good for you but in our

natural state the earth has a built-in

system to ground our bodies unbeknownst

to us we live inside a battery

the surface of the earth is charged

negatively and the ionosphere which is a

layer of the atmosphere about 60 miles

up which is ionized by the Sun meaning

that the Rays of the Sun are so strong

that they split the molecules into a

positive charge in a negative charge the

Sun spews out electrons they come to the

earth they hit the ionosphere they

charge the ionosphere and periodically

the ionosphere releases lots of


it's called lightning the negative

charge are transferred to the surface of

the earth through lightning mainly and a

positive charge state 60 miles up the

surface of the earth is electrically

conductive and wherever you are standing

barefoot on the earth or connected to

the earth you are collecting electrons

that came from the Sun

the problem arise when we don't have

negative charge

we need grounding just as we need air

and we need a sunshine so the TV

industry Clint he had to make sure all

the cables were very well grounded and

then he started to wonder if people need

to be grounded and what I saw with cable

TV was it was bigger than Billings

punchan the world was bigger than where

I lay out I ended up in Denver Colorado

i working for telecommunications inc one

day I was home with my children and I

had bought them computers we could do

checkbooks and playing games that was

all we could do with them back then

it just dawned on me that was I said

that's a TV set without a signal so I

had this brainstorm and I thought well

let's go get all these wire services

together and put them into a unified

data stream Veta more the satellite and

down the cable system feed him into a

computer and the main thing that

happened at that time that was probably

very significant for the cable industry

was we created the first cable modem


that had changed the world in a day


I was living in 5,000 square-foot

a-frame log cabin on top of a mountain

in Evergreen Colorado

I was 49 years old playing king of the

mountain and I won I had everything you

could imagine cars home and breakfast

skiing most of all I had a lot of heart

I probably had I hate to say it but a

quarter million dollars worth of art

hanging in my bathroom over the commode

I mean because there was no place else

to hang things about 1994-95 I was

spending a lot of Christmas parties and

I got sick one Sunday I I couldn't get

out of bed and I was turning yellow

I really looked my eyes for yellow

everything was yellow and so they took

me to an emergency room they couldn't

figure out what was wrong what I was

losing everything my liver was shutting


I was only 49 at the time and they said

you need to think about getting your

house in order because you're young

enough to get a new liver but you may

not have time

I was on every IV every type of

antibiotic you can probably inject into

a person and they said that they had a

surgeon that wanted to experiment and

see if there was the way they could go

ahead and cut out all the lever that had

been damaged which was the majority of

it I agreed to that because I really had

no option I remember I was in surgery

thought that was the last time I would

see and I woke up a few days later and I

see you and I remember my secretary of

was right here in my face my first

thought was I didn't know you had died


the pain started coming on then I

realized that I was still here oh it

took about a year for my energy to

recover one morning I woke up and I

looked out the window and I noticed that

everything was more energetic the sky

was vibrant everything was a vibrant

I thought I was leftover the drugs I

didn't know but I looked around the room

that I was laying and then I said to

myself that this is all crazy this house

everything is crazy because I I almost


all I had ever done was collect these

things and I spent my life taking care

of them I didn't own any of this stuff

because when I died you know I'd go away

they really owned me they owned myself I

went through this feeling that I just

had to get rid of everything push

everything away from me anything that

was material even though I loved it and

I spent my life collecting it and taking

care of it I had to push it away so I

called my children and I said I want you

to come and take whatever there is in

this house that you want one of them

called the doc and said there's

something wrong with my dad which he

needs to see a psychologist that I

remember seeing the psychologist and

this there's nothing wrong with me this

this is what I have to do this after

disposing and giving and getting rid of

everything I decided I wanted to change

my life and I bought an RV and I went on

a road trip

and I ended up in Sedona Arizona

one day I was sitting at a computer and

the computer kept crashing I knew a

static electricity so I put a piece of

tape across my desk and grounded it then

I realized in that process that the

outlet wasn't grounded so I fixed it so

that I could get rid of the static

electricity I didn't think too much

about I walked outdoors and I sat on the

bench this tour bus pulled up and it

looked like they had just been to one of

these outlet malls and white Nike shoes

were on sale it just dawned on me you

know I asked the question I said I

wonder if it's possible that humans are

you know we're no longer naturally

grounded I wonder if these shoes could

be interfering with us


so I'd that night I went to the hardware

store and I bought a roll of metal duct

tape and I just taped to the cross to

the bed

I drew a wire out the window and had a

ground rod outside I connected to the

ground rod on one side connected to the

metal duct tape that I had laid on the

bed so when I laid down on the duct tape

I was like grounded because he was

connected to the earth


and I woke up the next morning and I

thought holy cow there's something going

on here because normally for me to go to

sleep I had to take Advil so I tried to

find out what I could the internet was

hardly anything this is back in 99 we

went down to the University of Arizona

and one of their medical libraries and

there was nothing and in fact I even

tried to find the cause of chronic pain

because that BMS was unknown the cause

of arthritis

unknown they didn't know nobody knew so

I thought well I'll go out to LA I'll go

to UCLA and ask them they pretty much

laughed me off campus they said you

expect us to believe then somebody's

gonna put a nail in the ground tie a

wire on somebody's toe and it's gonna

make him sleep better they said get out

of here go Hawaii you're nuts

so I ended up having to put together my

own study I found a anesthesiologist in

San Diego he says I don't think there's

anything to what you're doing there's

got to be an anomaly here but I'll

entertain you he says I won't prove that

you're wrong and we grounded 60 people

and the reports that came in were


TMJ disappeared PMS disappeared

inflammation reduced pain everybody

slept better it's the first study that I

did there was a legitimate study where

we had quantifiable data when they saw

the study everybody said well this is

really pretty interesting and we ended

up attracting scientists physicists like

any important discovery nobody was

interested they thought he was crazy now

there are a lot of scientists who are

interested researchers MDS MD PhDs ph

d--'s like me I'm very interested in

biological questions earthing brings up

some really profound biological


while these grounding studies were

positive what was grounding actually

doing inside the human body the answer

may surprise you

Stephen Sinatra who was a cardiologist

from back east was attending a

convention and we sat down with Stephen

and told him the story what I was doing

I said well if you're effecting pain he

says you need to be researching

inflammation you don't have arthritis

you don't have cancer you don't have all

these health disorders what you have is

chronic inflammation to me at the time

inflammation was your sprain an ankle

and it balloons up and gets red and sore

and and it's inflamed and he says no he

says inflammation is different than that

we have so much inflammation in the body

and it comes out and illnesses we go to

a doctor with all these complaints but a

lot of it is silent inflammation

including my specialty heart disease

heart disease is an inflammatory process

so how do we reduce inflammation the

most abundant protein in the body is

College it's the building block of our

tissues and we have gazillions of

collagen molecules in our bodies they

are all embedded in a gel this gel has a

huge surface area and it absorbs

electrons and releases them when you

have an injury inflammation is produced

by neutrophils which is a white blood

cell you have an injury you have a

damaged cell and so these white blood

cells come over and they encapsulate the

damaged cell and they release reactive

oxygen species which rip electrons from

the damaged cell and that destroys the

damaged solid white blood cells release

free radicals at the injury site they

chew up any pathogens bacteria or dead

cells they clear the area it's called

the repair field it's the place that

needs to be repaired

without earthing some of the free

radicals that are released into the

repair field leak into the surrounding

tissue if there's not enough free

electrons there to reduce the remaining

radicals they're gonna steal an electron

from a healthy cell and in the process

damaged yet then the message goes out to

the immune system and another neutrophil

does the same thing eliminates that so

and then you end up with a chain

reaction and this can create chronic

inflammation silent inflammation you may

not even know it's there

and it continues for years if

inflammation is the cause of all these

health disorders then I know that not

enough rounding is the cause of

inflammation because if the body is

grounded you can't have inflammation the

initial grounding studies showed promise

but there was still a big question whose

grounding really achieving these results

in the human body or was it something


a placebo effect of some kind I am

senior research medical scientist at

North American science associates I

spent about 10 years working in the

environmental area five of those at the

Environmental Protection Agency and in

1980 I started working at the Food and

Drug Administration where I led a team

of biostatisticians and we reviewed

clinical trials for new medical devices

I would guess that approximately 10% of

the medical devices that FDA seized from

an inception would end up getting

approval at the end of the day so I

would review them very critically

a couple years ago my 92 year old mother

was suffering from peripheral artery

disease and that require them to do an

intervention they would go in and have

to clean out her femoral artery put in a

loon or stent they usually have to go in

every six or nine months to clean out

the artery and I felt at that age they

couldn't keep doing this

I tried most everything and I was

looking around and I saw this thing on

earthing that earthing might be helpful

for perfer artery disease and I said

well it's not gonna hurt her I don't

think it will really help her so I

purchased her an earthing sheet and had

her sleep on it for one night she was

also having trouble hitting a forehand

and this is a lady who'd played tennis

for 70 years and she just couldn't

remember how to hit it next day she had

no trouble so I said there's definitely

something here in all my years in the

medical device field I had never seen

any responses like this for any device

or any drug she's now 94 we play tennis

five or six times a week she reads a

fully active life Queens her house does

a pretty much everything for herself and

we attribute this to the earthing it's

done a great deal I was having problems

well with my legs it was hard to me to

walk and I was quite certain I would

never be able to play tennis and do

other things that I wanted to do and it

improved greatly and I went back to

playing tennis not as good as before but

that's pretty good anyway

it just changed my life I didn't have

the worries that I had before that

something bad might happen if I kept

trying to do things I should just go

ahead and try everything this is the

biggest development I've seen in the

medical field my five decades in public

health and my three decades in the

clinical trial field medical devices I

just have a hard time believing this is

a placebo effect


you need electrons for energy it's

called the electron transport chain in

mitochondria it generates adenosine

triphosphate or ATP it's the energy

molecule in the body

I tell a sleet's that before an event

stand 15 minutes and your bare feet on

the grass and you will charge up your

electron stores and should you fall down

and athletes fall down you will not have

inflammation at all if you think about

the last time you were barefoot like in

nature it probably wasn't very recently

you know can you walk us through it what

is the let's earth yeah take the shoes

off take the shoes off I first learned

about grounding maybe 12 13 years ago

through one of the trainers for the Tour

de France team from the US and he was

using it with many of their athletes and

with surprising results and I think the

surprising breath summarizes my response

to it because it didn't seem to make

sense I think it became a believer once

I started to explore the science ATP is

short for adenosine triphosphate it's

the energy currency of the cell brew

bioelectrical beans that's the currency

of provides how it works that's how we

ruin our biological systems is by

generating this electrical energy that's

transferred and when we connect to the

earth through a conductive surface in

some way there's a transfer of electrons

that slowly go into our body we tried to

figure out how much charge the body

takes in when you touch the earth what

happens is the body saturates with

electrons practically instantaneously

it's so fast that you can't measure it


it's electrons from the earth enter the

body right away and they coat the red

blood cells so that the cells repel each

other and then they can't clump and the

blood viscosity goes down it's easier

for the heart to pump the blood the

blood pressure goes down all kinds of

cardiovascular issues they go away


in situations where we are insulating

ourselves from this a surplus of

electrons into a body we're going to get

the absolute opposite so instead of

having low levels of inflammation and a

thin blood we'll have thick blood that's

more likely to clot and our levels of

inflammation tend to increase and I'm

I'm just thinking on the way here I was

thinking about how maybe the thinning of

the blood is the reason that all the

physiological systems go into balance of

all the grounding studies the one that

really got our attention is called

electric grounding improves vagal tone

in preterm infants in the study 26

premature babies in an NICU were

connected to grounding wires the heart

rates of the grounded infants stabilized

and their vagal tone a critical measure

of infant health increased by 67% with


so there are two things there are the

electrons from the earth and there's the

electrical rhythms of the earth and

that's very important for setting our

biological clocks for thousands of years

spiritual masters have taught the

benefits of meditation and sitting on

the earth that's why some people believe

that earthing and meditation go

hand-in-hand the world is constantly

every situation every event every

relationship is really a reflection of

yourself okay I would like if you agree

to it earlier but we could you do a

guided meditation which has two minutes

sure so would you all put your feet

firmly on the ground keep your hands in

your lap

everything that we call the environment

is actually our body if everything

wasn't as is in the solar system the

earth won't spin on its own axis and it

wouldn't go around the Sun there would

be no seasons so your biological rhythms

circadian rhythms are the earth spinning

on its own axis your seasonal rhythms is

the earth going around the Sun and

they're programmed into your body if you

disconnect from your cosmic body because

that's what the earth is part of our

cosmic body you in a sense create the

separation that results in disruption of

your biological rhythms be everything

linked from dis-ease

discomfort to inflammation starts with

this disconnect everything now we know

and that if somebody walks barefoot on

grass or the earth or on the beach at a

very fundamental level basically the

free radicals that are built up in your

body as a result of stress and


they are neutralized but what is really

happening at a fundamental level is your

restoring your biological rhythms and

bringing them in alignment or you might

say synchrony with the earth which is

connected to the entire cosmos and

slowly open your eyes thank you so much

I'm so grateful for you

the analogy would be a good orchestra if

they're all playing by themselves

what do you hear is noise but if there's

a conductor there's a kind of a

coherence entanglement of these

frequencies you hear music

so there's a cosmic Symphony that is

playing itself out in your body right

this moment

maybe you can't share the tune but

you're dancing to it anyway

if you take a microscope and you look at

a piece of wood and you go down down

down all of a sudden there's nothing

there there's molecules but they're not

even connected what's holding them

together what's the force that's holding

everything together electromagnetism our

body is electrical this is all

electronic equipment the heart the lungs

the brain I mean this is electrical

equipment it's all electrical everything

is electrical can we measure the effects

reproducibly the answer to that is yes

we now have 20 studies there's like yeah

2021 published studies and the medical

literature on earthing and grounding and

this is peer-review stuff in simple

terms what earthing does is literally it

quenches the fires of inflammation and

if inflammation is the source of all

root illnesses including Alzheimer's

disease cancer heart disease diabetes I

mean the list goes on and on if you can

impact inflammation and you know squelch

it kill it stop it we're gonna be

healthier babies I didn't know anything

about grounding I had never heard of it

at all but I became a new mom and I had

my first child and she had colic and she

cried and cried and cried first thing I

did being a physician myself was take

her to the pediatrician and remember

distinctly leaving that pediatricians

office with a knot in my stomach because

the first thing they told me is it's a

baby let him cry literally the only time

I noticed that she wasn't in pain and

the only time I could soothe her was

when I was outside and I was barefoot

and I had her in my arms and every time

we were outside she relaxed I noticed if

I did use a stroller or if she was in a

car she was still in pain and

uncomfortable this is not placebo effect

like she had no idea if I was wearing

shoes or not she doesn't know that I'm

holding her either way

and I just slowly started realizing this

child can only take a nap and feel

comfort as if she was on my skin held

skin-to-skin and I was barefoot she'd be

dead asleep and if I stepped in the

house and took both my feet off the

ground she would wake back up and the

pain response would come back and I

didn't know what it was called and I

didn't at that time feel comfortable

thinking about using it in my

conventional medical practice but I just

knew that this is what I'm gonna do to

help my child I was working with a

mentor of mine and she recommended that

I ground my energy did I didn't know

what she meant by ground yourself so the

first thing I did was go home and look

it up on the internet and through doing

a search about grounding I found clinto

burs work and the book about earthing

and I realized that it's a real thing

and a real healing modality with tons of

medical literature behind it the light

switch went on and I thought we're doing

things completely backwards here a

typical day for a child is completely

ungrounded most children wake up

sleeping on a bed that was not grounded

in a house or a building or on a floor

that was insulated from the earth and

then they go immediately into a

classroom that's insulated than even on

recess in the recess period they go

outside and are literally fenced in and

they're paved with asphalt and then they

have after-school activities which are

either indoors or if they're outdoors

they are literally required to wear

protective gear and even if they're

exercising for two hours after school a

hundred percent disconnected from the

earth and then they go home and they go

inside and they eat dinner and they do

homework all hours of the night and then

they pass out in an ungrounded bed so

that's a 24 hour period of time

completely ungrounded and that goes on

day after day after day

I was at a retreat weekend for a group

of women it's called inspire through our

National Association it's for teachers

who don't take care of themselves trick

teaching us how to the first day I got

there and our leader said you need to go

ground I'm like okay they grounded us

and within that half hour there was no

need for medication and I had been

taking two motrin every four hours for

almost three weeks the district that I

am in already actually has with Clinton

a school that has a grounding classroom

one of the reasons that the other

teacher pushed so hard to get this room

she had a group of students that had

significant behavior issues and they

would rip their shoes off and go running

out of the room and they would all over

campus looking for them they would

always find them in the planters by the


but I had one teacher tell me in a

special ed class that they had runners

and what a runner is is a kid who just

runs out of the classroom and they take

off and everybody has to go find where

this student is I realized that these

kids who are the runners they're running

out to the far back corner of the school

campus and it's the only place that has

grass and they're sitting down on the

grass and so I went back and I talked to

my special education director and I said

can we try this can we try this with

some of our students with autism I

brought it into my room and I have a

student with autism very severe autism

he's completely nonverbal and you know

it's it's a good day when I can get this

child to sit for ten seconds I pulled my

mat out I cleaned it off and I took his

socks and shoes off put his little feet

on it that boy stopped for seven minutes

straight and played with me he sat for

seven minutes straight so I took that

back to my boss and that is something

that our school district is looking into

is getting more schools with classrooms

that have grounding in them

I have heard stories from teachers in

classes where their students are

grounded that they have half the level

of referrals for discipline some

students who can learn tears because

they were experienced success when

before they were experiencing failure

with their behavior and discipline I've

heard stories from teachers with

autistic children who have been grounded

or they have less of what they called

the meltdowns and the meltdowns are less

frequent and shorter and they come back

into the classroom and they're learning

more than they had learned prior to the

grounding how much of it is that they're

just so out of control in their mind and

there's so many things that they and and

these kids our campus is concrete

there's no place I even when they're in

PE they've got tennis shoes on there's

no place for them to be grounded


it's amazing what happens not just with

the teacher at the front of the class

but what can happen with the student

sitting in the class and just think if

every single student and every single

teacher in every single classroom in

every single school across this whole

world was grounded it turns out there's

a reason kids love to put their feet on

the ground and these guys claim to know

why hey my name is Finn Ian I'm Laurin

my name is Ryland and we're kids the

grounds and our mission is to inspire

participation in global regeneration

starting with soil we evolved very

connected to the soil with our feet in

the soil our hands in the soil and what

this means when you're connecting with

it is just starting to be discovered you

know there are papers and things in

science that are just very recent coming

out telling us that actually touching

soil is helping to make your immune

system stronger you can feel it when

you're working in that regenerative

relationship in nature it feels

different it changes lives and one of

the biggest sources of suffering in life

is the experience of being disconnected

and disconnected from what nature and

the basis of nature is our soil the

coolest thing about connecting to soil

and the planet is it really makes you

happy it feels good and now we have

science that shows that it's a cure for



so who which one of you was the first

ones to discover earthing I'm gonna say

was Mariela she was born before me Wow

yeah she's got 18 months of bare feet on

the ground before I even hit that right

be an insult yeah we actually went to

the the track we first got together we

went over to Pepperdine University shed

and run since well a long time yeah it's

just I do yoga and I was like well we

need to go to the track we went to the

track and we ran barefoot in the grass

for a couple of hours she loved it that

was for fun that was for fun yeah we

didn't talk about grounding it's just

something that you do so we get up we

watch sunrises and then we usually go

out for a hike I remember the first time

it was like he stopped he took a [ __ ] he

didn't say anything he took his shoes

off like what do you think and he just

started walking and didn't do anything

he also closed his eyes that was a whole

other terror

I came from a very dysfunctional home

you know I loved my family tremendously

but there was a lot of mental illness my

grandfather would be one of the greatest

writers of the 20th century he suffered

tremendous mental health issues

he also took his life in 1961 three

months before I was born I'd lost a

great grandfather to great grandfather's

another great uncle an uncle a cousin

and my own sister took took her life

this house was filled with people that

were tremendously tortured a lot of

killing there was a lot of drinking

there was a lot of self-medication there

was a lot of craziness that was

happening to sort of survive was for me

getting out in nature just any time I

could be outside and I'd find myself

lying on the grass or lying in a field

or lying in a meadow that would make me

feel better and then it wasn't until I

met Bobby that I realized that what I

was instinctually doing actually was a

very real way to address all kinds of

inflammation inflammation isn't just

physical there is neuro inflammation

that's a brain inflammation brain

inflammation causes depression causes

all kinds of serious problems this is a

much bigger thing than just walking

barefoot on the ground this this this is

helping well especially me helping me

have a way more balanced life

my grandfather you think of great

artists some of the greatest writing

that they do comes from when they were

at some beautiful and specific place and

their description of it that comes from

an understanding from a connection to it


to know that there are solutions and

their solutions in nature and one of the

biggest solutions is that connection to

nature and people forget that first it's

sad because it is so accessible and it

is so real to know that a grounded me

Marielle or a grounded you or anybody


is different than the one who's not

connected and that's what grounding does

it pulls you into you to who you are you

know I think it's always the same thing

it's the thing that your mom said when

you're a kid go outside and play go

outside and get some fresh air by the

way a lot of grounding from this guy 19

years old look at the feet


I first heard about grounding I want to

say about seven years ago it immediately

changed my mindset to appreciating the

ground and then the history that we used

to all be on the ground and sleep on the

ground and wear shoes that were

connected to the ground not plasticized

and disconnecting and I thought okay

this makes actually so much sense how

have I not been able to put that

together before I mean I've always loved

nature I grew up in nature but the idea

of actually putting my feet on the

ground without shoes it felt always good

but I didn't really connect that it

actually could be good for my body

because I know we're all electrical

beings so we're constantly being

bombarded with everything sort of

artificial and overstimulating and I

feel really sensitive to that if I'm

working you know long hours and have

this electrical mic strapped on acting

and and just being around everything so

electrical it starts to just exhaust me

and I think we all get so overstimulated

by all the electrification around us and

I don't think it's doing us any good our

bodies are constantly being bombarded by

everything electrical in our lives and

for me I've learned that in order to

re-calibrate my body I just need to put

my feet on the ground barefoot and it

just sort of equalizes and I also think

like when you get intentional with

putting your feet on the ground

you immediately steel yourself and

you're able to just again reconnect back

to nature to the simplicity of a mother

earth of this great huge planet because

you're appreciating what's under your

feet it's a whole like symbiotic

relationship that we've disconnected

from in such big ways I mean

that just the simple act of putting your

feet on the ground can give you so much

and so much balance in your body and so

much healing it's like we're sucking the

life energy through our through our feet

up our bodies into - from our mama so

bad I can't what that's really



it's hard because it's so easy and it's

so simple people are like really you're

making a big deal of that


intuitively it a hundred percent

resonates and I'm raising my daughter

this way where I'm I want her to be

barefoot outside as much as she can my

husband likes being barefoot that's


I don't have to convince them they like

take your shoes off animals always

barefoot and I know for springing them

outside makes them happy so I'm just

gonna keep doing that whether people

want to make fun of me or not


whatever you believe in when you're out

in nature it feels bigger than you and

it feels like you have reverence for

what we have here


I've always been climbing mountains

running rivers always had a garden

wherever I live lived in Hawaii in

Alaska where I did

naked gardening it was wonderful

but once you're in a wheelchair all of

that kind of goes away I'm 58 I was a

singer dancer actress for most of my

career but then at age 36 I woke up

paralyzed one day from this rare disease

called transverse myelitis

it affects maybe one in about two

million people and when it first

happened to me they didn't know what it


and eventually they've come to realize

it has to do with inflammation and it's

an immune dysfunction you know your body

attacking itself

at the same time the doctors say well we

don't understand it and we don't really

know how to treat it

so we'll just treat the symptoms and for

21 years that's been my story


my niece actually sent me a grounding

kit about three years ago she knew that

I couldn't physically in touch with the

earth anymore and she heard about this

and she thought it'd be the perfect

thing for me so I received it and my

first impression was okay this makes no

sense to me at all but I don't want to

hurt my niece's feelings so I put it on

the end of the bed and plugged it into

the socket as per my instructions and

the first night I couldn't feel anything

it didn't seem to make any difference

but when I woke up in the morning my

feet which are always swollen first time

I tried it there was no swelling in my

feet I could see the bones in my feet

and that hadn't happened probably in six

months I just made it a part of my life

after a couple years it suddenly

occurred to me chi everybody I know

who's in a wheelchair has inflammation

and swelling issues along with pain so I

called Marty and said let me tell you

about the abilities Expo would you guys

consider expanding your audience

hey dr. Clint thought it was a great

idea and now they're here

natural phenomena a remarkable natural

phenomena that exists right beneath our


earthy or grounding is about connecting

to this natural resource and regardless

of your condition it can make you feel


here's the background throughout time

throughout history humans were connected

to the earth we walked barefoot he slept

on natural animal hides we were

connected to the earth but today it's a

different story we sleep in elevated

beds we wear synthetic soldiers and even

our wheelchairs are insulating us when

we make direct contact with the surface

of the earth our bodies receive it 10

years ago I was working with a holistic

cardiologist and we wanted to do an

article on grounding and so he said to

be that the cardioid you got a call

Clint over and so I went when I call

Clint over I spoke to him for five

minutes and I realized this is not an

article this is a book this is the huge


what would I first heard about it it was

took it with a pinch of salt it sounded

a little a little too good to be true

having now experienced several friends

and people in our team who have used

grounding the skepticism is pretty much

gone right behind us right now is with

my friends

her mom is in a companion chair 15

minutes ago she was swollen legs feet

were cold hands were cold and now there

none and this is her first experience

the grounding that's 15 minutes of

real-life demonstrations so I'm pretty

much a convert I am 39 years old trying

to take pride in that I was diagnosed

with MS 14 years ago

the first time I heard about grounding I

thought get real this seems crazy

my friend patched me up and I'd sat

there and we all just talked for about

45 minutes

I found myself smiling and that wasn't

something that I did you know I just

didn't I physically have more energy if

I don't have the fatigue I feel like I

really can accomplish things I can brush

my teeth now without holding under the

counter my balance is better I just feel

it sounds silly but I feel more grounded

I feel like my feet are really like

hanging on to the ground and I'm there

and I do it every night I sleep on a pad

and I patch up my hands and sleep with a

grounding blanket and I just really am

obsessive because I'm noticing I just

finally look forward till 2:00 tomorrow


for the most part it's been sleep you

know she's been able to get through the

night without having to get up like you

know six times to go to the bathroom or

anything like that

her spasticity has gotten a ton better

she used to have like restless legs all

night and that doesn't really happen

anymore it's been huge it's been a big

difference for her I want everybody to

try this

I don't want anybody to not experience

this anybody who has pain anybody who

can't sleep that well anybody who gets

depressed you know I mean these are all

things that have been completely lifted

out of my life I used to feel like a

burden a real burden my husband's my

family and and I'm feel like a burden

anymore I feel I feel good and I feel

like things are gonna get better it's my


as Athena began to ground more and more

we noticed a dramatic shift in her


Athena do you know a grounding is yes

yeah what's that it's when you put your

feet point whole body on mom or anything

she hears that's right

how does she heal you banging that

chicken have you been grounding yeah and

what happened as a result of that I get

access to the hospital yeah you haven't

been to the hospital in a whole year

amazing we're so happy about that aren't

we you don't like the hospital very much

do you

when we began grounding Athena a very

progressive doctor had suggested I also

try it he told me to lie naked on the

ground it sounded ridiculous

but I did it anyway and then everything

changed I began to sleep through the

night my energy level shifted and I got

my libido back over the next six months

I kept practicing grounding and I lost

50 pounds I wasn't expecting any of this

I I was just trying to heal my daughter

Wow look at you this is this is insane

how did you do this there is this

incredible thing I need to tell you

about I don't know if you've heard about

it but it's called rounding corner yeah

it's great to have you here so the first

thing I'm extremely excited to share

with you is that our daughter has not

been to the emergency room in many

months now you know I can't tell you how

many nights at 2:00 a.m.

we wound up in the emergency room

because she couldn't breathe and now

she's like any other kid you know she

has a cold she has a normal cold she

sleeps through the night you know what

what can you attribute that to

well when children are sick and they get

run down they don't get good sleep and

they have inflammation in their body

she started grounding and she started

sleeping better the ground is reducing

the inflammation she's working with a

significantly improved immune system

it's you called immunotherapy get

grounded and repr improve your immune

system so the surprise side-effect of

grounding our daughter was I got

grounded and as you can see I've had a

complete transformation

can you explain what happened to me yes

as soon as you get grounded the first

thing that happens you quiet the

sympathetic nervous system and then

eventually the adrenals will start to

recover but when your adrenals becoming


because of too much stimulation here

then the sympathetic OverDrive's and

then you end up with adrenal fatigue and

that is the precursor to most all of

these things including weight gain I

never would have believed that you and I

would be sitting here having this

conversation not in a million years have

other women reported weight loss as a

result of grooming yes not to the point

that I could come out and say well get

grounded you're going to lose weight it

starts up here and starts I mean getting

the pain out of your body getting the

stress the anxiety the irritability the

depression out of the body and then all

of a sudden the right hormones start to

service your energy comes up metabolism

comes up it's you know health is not

something we really have to work out we

have to let it be we have to take the

things that are interfering with our

health that are compromising our immune

system and remove them from our life and

then the body won't back to normal

so like um why hasn't it caught on in

mainstream I can only say it will

there's a well-established traditional

conventional system that relies on

expensive intervention so they'd like to

perpetuate that and they're not too

interested in having some competition

coming in for a lot less expensive to

sort of sabotage their profit levels

because their goal isn't to help

humanity their goal is really as

corporations as increase your profits

the question becomes you know how much

of an influence is lack of grounding

bend and the epidemic of disease that we

have this crowning a factor we have a

pain epidemic which has led to an opiate

epidemic the national crisis so given

the worldwide discomfort unhealth

diseases all of them are benefited by

earthing there's resistance to

integrating novel thoughts and many

times new ideas aren't implemented until

the people who hold the counter opinion

die there are lots of people who don't

want this to happen I don't know why

people critique it to death I don't know

why they do that what the skeptics need

to do is try it out

the good thing about browning is that

you don't need a doctor to tell you to

do it you do not need a physician to

recommend it to you you can try this

anytime it is your birthright because

you live on the earth i ground every day

hey I want to be connected to the earth

as much as I can I would say about 95%

the day I am grounded because I believe

it's it's just a no-brainer coatt doors

take your shoes off stand barefoot on

the earth or sit on the earth put your

feet your hands on the earth and you

will instantly notice the pain and

inflammation begin to drain from your

body I got my life back is probably the

most common refrain that I hear thank

you I got my life back

I got my life back


even if the science isn't yet considered

mainstream there is an undeniable and

growing number of people who are

experiencing the benefits of grounding

as for us and our family we're spending

more time outside and spending more time

together and yes we're keeping our feet

firmly planted on the ground because our

daughter still gets sick yeah but not

nearly as much

maybe she's growing out of it or maybe

she's just growing up grounded




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