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Sport Technology

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

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hi i'm gabriela and today I'm gonna

explain about technology of his party

I've chosen volleyball because I like

this sport and in my studies I I found


platformer online

it's basically happy it's good virtue

the which you can use for athletics

players or coaches this happy you need

Wi-Fi internet and a good battle of

course there is about you can you put in

our body down of your breast and this

belt is going to count your jumps your

performance at court then the coach is

is looking at the app and and it gives

him your performance your jump

performance okay

The Verge encodes uluka a weekly report

ching ching her party and it with our

player and electrics okay how you can

see in this side it also has analysis 14

practice and games and this example

reporting arching found that i slowly

increasing jump count during weeks

cousins are improvement in a very

vertical jump this happy then optimize

your performance you can compare your

before and after performs at court the

them the most of volleyball Coaches

using this app there are many many

companies that sponsored these up okay

and on the website on the on their

website there are 3-3 platforms which

coach which basic and which team system

you can choose one of their and then

let's talk about the village code okay

which codes is the jumble of the

management platform used over 350

programs you need

our Internet the virtual devices capture

real time jump mattress during practices

and games and the sensors connected with

you Wi-Fi yeah okay and which coding

best practice proving injures optimist

performs and comes the start with the

following screams yeah our coaches have

per pharmacy on that okay you can see on

the website there are many tools and

some coaching has has your

recommendations in your on their website

for example virtue allows us to track

your training loads in a way that's

never been done before it's helping us

train is martyred and better preserved

or most precious his source or athletics

in their their health that is a

game-changer from beginning to

international levels were to give us

object objective feedback to keep your

attacks healthy that provides your

program with valuable information that

our system us in everything for injury

prevent provision to player development

and the last one with virtue you can now

monitor in and erasing ability to track

your health

stay health and play longer okay so

basically this app is a is brave

in Judas you can you can see your

performance at court

especially your jumps the coaching that

like tragedies can improve your skills

that is heels yeah that's it


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