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Top 10 Space Films

Published June 12, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Monica Louis


Welcome to Smashing UK Productions's Top 10!

2021 Episode 20: Top 10 space films

For as long as there have been humans, we’ve looked up at the night sky and wondered what lies beyond. The following is our list of the ten best space movies. For this video, we’re looking at any films that have some form of setting in space and are including both sci-fis and historical dramas. Also, we’re only including one film per franchise.

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for as long as there have been humans

we've looked up at the night sky and

wondered what lies beyond the following

is our list of the 10 best space movies

for this video we're looking at any

films that have some form of setting in

space and are including both sci-fi's

and historical dramas also we're only

including one film per franchise

number 10 gravity

starting off our list we have alfonso on

seven time oscar winning outer space

thriller starring sandra bullock and

george clooney as stranded astronauts

doing whatever it takes to return home

as evidenced by the awards gravity was

received warmly by both critics and fans

who prays for realistic visuals

performances from the leads and the

incredible score


9 moon

duncan jones's directorial debut is a

moving twist on the stranded and space

trope it follows sam bell who is nearing

the end of a free year stint money

helium on the dark side of the moon when

he starts hallucinating it's a desolate

emotional film that stands apart from

many other space films in terms of tone

with stunning cinematography and sam

rockwell's stirring performance as the


access denied

number eight the right stuff


this 1983 historical drama based on tom

wolf's book of the same name shows a

grueling medical and physical test so

mercury 7 astronauts endured to qualify

for space flight and highlights for

dangers they faced in the early space

program the film was heavily praised by

critics despite its somewhat shocking

lackluster box office returns the right

stuff was nominated for eight academy

awards including best picture winning

four for sound original score sound

editing and film editing


number seven wally


time for lunch

when pollution makes the earth

uninhabitable humans head into space

leaving behind a small but determined

trash compacting robot one day a shiny

new robot named eve comes to the planet

to look for signs of life and while he

makes friends showing you the life he

has made for himself wally has all the

hallmarks of a space movie but packaged

in a family friendly

way take the cup hey

number six apollo 13.

35 seconds to entry interface


it's been a privilege flying with you

on the 11th of april 1970 a crude apollo

mission launched from kennedy space

center in florida it was due to land on

the moon and helped establish the early

history of both the moon and earth two

days into the journey an oxygen tank and

the spacecraft's service module exploded

and their flight path was changed to

loop them around the moon and bring them

back to earth tom hanks plays astronaut

jim lavelle as a capable man dealing

with a crisis and this painstakingly

accurate film remains peerless utterly

convincing in every shot and every

gesture what did you do nothing i

stirred the tanks whoa


uh this is houston uh say again please

houston we have a problem

number five interstellar

now the others made it right

are they some of them

matthew mcconaughey plays joseph cooper

a widowed nasa pilot who was called upon

to journey into interstellar space to

find an earth-like planet b for us to

move to now that the earth's food system

is collapsing gargantuar a spinning

black hole that provides the film with

its climax is a visual effect calculated

so accurately by physicist kip thorne

and rendered so meticulously but it

ended up in a paper for the journal

classical and quantum gravity


number four solaris

while steven soderbergh's version is a

relatively worthy remake we're going for

andre tarkovsky's 1972 original which if

anything is even colder and more opaque

with a director's typically meditative

approach to science fiction psychologist

chris kelvin is sent to a space station

orbiting a distant planet where all but

three of the occupants are now dead it's

his job to figure out why but things get

a whole lot stranger once he arrives

solaris is a film that'll make you

ponder the nature of the film's reality

and perhaps even your own and if that

sort of drama is on your wavelength then

this is a film that you'll cease to


number three alien


the titular alien in alien takes many

forms whether face hugger xenomorph or

chestburster all of them terrifying as

the creation of gory's special effects

the crew of the spaceship nostromo is

hopelessly outmatched against this

unique evil though they never stop

trying to kill it even as more and more

humans fall victim to the alien's

attacks a straightforward human versus

nature's story the movie even manages to

slip in a biting critique of mega

corporations which are more interested

in the bottom line than human lives

number two star wars


whilst a tough choice between a new hope

and the empire strikes back we had to go

with the film that started at all what

is that to say about star wars the 1977

film has established itself in every

corner of our collective consciousness

from the global fame of its cast to the

innumerable sci-fi and adventure films

it influenced not to mention the films

in the franchise still being released

every couple of years to this day the

soundtrack is iconic the characters are

legendary and the story of a chosen hero

leading the galaxy to victory has

inspired millions of young people all

across the globe


before we reveal our number one film

here are some honorable mentions that

just missed the list

a trip to the moon

forbidden planet

guardians of the galaxy

so you definitely need to get that last

galaxy quest

the martian

adequate to get back up

number one 2001 a space odyssey

you know of course though he's right

about the 9000 series having a perfect

operational record

they do

unfortunately that sounds a little like

famous last

words yeah

still it was his idea to carry out the

failure mode analysis wasn't it a film

that showed what was possible in sci-fi

cinema stanley kubrick's 2001 continues

to be a touchstone for any picture that

deals in space exploration the story was

a result of almost two years of

intensive discussions between kubrick

and sci-fi novelist arthur c clarke and

it took even longer to execute with the

director beginning filming in 1965 and

only finally in the film's effects in

1968. stanley kubrick might famously

never have won a best director oscar but

he did take home one academy award for

2001's visual effects and rightfully so

more than half a century on the film's

depiction of space travel remains


open the pod bay doors hal

i'm sorry dave

i'm afraid i can't do that

thank you for watching have your own

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