June 19, 2024

Sid the Science Kid The Movie HD

Published June 12, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

Sid and his friends spring into action when a futuristic robot runs amok.

Initial release: 2012

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did you hear the one about the kid who

wanted to know everything about




hey look what we found

we found each other



there it is the brand new super ultimate

science museum awesome gerald i really

hope our team wins the museum science

fair me too winning that grand prize

would be awesome

i hope our team won

maybe we'd get to meet that robot

hello i am a robot


hey scientists the museum is about to

announce the winners come on


it's so exciting that teams of kids from

all over the world enter this contest

yeah oh there's this is something



greetings and thank you for entering the

super ultimate science museum science

fair challenge

one week from today the winners will

receive a special tour of the museum

before anyone else in the world has a

chance to see what's inside wow

and now it's time to announce the

winning team from the future scientist

category kids age 10 to 12. oh


from china congratulations to

young young and nunu


to see a video of young and new

project click on their photo or to find

the other winning team click on the

picture of the museum oh kids would you

like to watch the video

okay no problem

and now it's time to announce the

winning team from the junior

investigators category kids age four to

six oh hey hey that's us come on robot

guy tell us what from the united states

congratulations to sid and gabriella

we did it


to see the video of sitting gabriela's

science project click on their picture

oh i know we've seen it before but would

you like to watch it again yes please


oh hi i'm sid and i am gabriella

our team built a new invention yeah it's

a new way for me to tell a joke using my

favorite simple machine we call it the

super duper microphone getter never joke


here's our hypothesis if we put the

fulcrum near the rock here and stomp

down on this end this rock will only go

a short distance to the next basket

and if we put the fulcrum far from the

basket the rock will go really far to

the next basket until finally my

microphone will fly up into the air


it's joke time

what do you call a flying skunk

i don't know what do you call a flying



a smelicopter

thank you

thank you

now that is a fun and scientific way to

tell a joke wow no wonder you guys won

yeah you guys rock well i think your

team had an amazing science project too

but it didn't work

we thought plants would grow if we gave

them the same food that helped people

grow milk orange juice oatmeal


they didn't grow very tall at all


they just died


well you still made a discovery

now you know liquids that you shouldn't

put in plants to make them grow hey

teacher susie um the big team is from

china um can you drive to china is it

near florida or somewhere like that oh


i'll show you

my grandparents are from china

okay here we are in the united states

and here's china on the other side of

the world

oh that's far yeah well i'm sure you'll

learn lots of new things when you meet

the other team at the museum hey who's

gonna take us to the museum

oh i know someone who's always up for an


i'd love to go yeah

i have the best grandma in the whole

world oh you're a sweet one sid

oh there he is our big contest winner

our science superstar

do you really think i'm a science

superstar of course i do

thanks dad well i can't wait to take our

science superstar to the museum oh when

do we go

oh i got an email from the science

museum this morning a special museum bus

is going to pick you up at our house

next saturday

and the museum said special golden

tickets we have to print so you can take

them with you golden tickets cool

this is gonna be so much fun

this is gonna be so much fun it's gonna

be so much fun this is gonna be so much



sweetie have fun

be there with your mom when the museum


bye-bye we'll see you soon we'll be

there very soon


i know i'm so excited

we're the first ones at the museum


well this super ultimate science museum

is huge well you know what i don't think

this is the museum what it's not no this

is just the parking structure the main

museum building is over there

come on


oh look at this place

right i agree

hey you have golden tickets too you must

be the other winning team i'm sid and

i'm gabriella it's nice to meet you i'm

yunyu and i'm her teammate

oh hello i'm rose sid's grandma and i'm

who meow young young's mother very nice

to meet you hey isn't this place amazing

welcome to the super ultimate science


please step forward to the main lobby

oh boy let's go let's go



this place is gigantic

it's so



look at the constellations


look at me

i'm floating in spain

houston this is astronaut sid going on

my jupiter space walk

i am the earth floating too close to the


my troposphere is melting

mounting the lowest portion of the

earth's atmosphere good one

troposphere he probably can't melt that

well i love that archway over the doors

so impressive oh yes indeed i'm a bit of

an architecture buff and i've never seen

anything like this place before

attention visitors please make your way

onto the moving platform to begin your

museum experience

well i guess we hop into that thing

let's roll

so what kind of science project did you

guys do oh well i really like computers

all kinds of computers desktops laptops

smartphones tablets and i can program

any computer in just about any computer

language so to win the science fair i

team my skills with my friend union

skills i like astronomy


pastrami no astronomy the planets stars

black holes meteors asteroids you know

space yes

i know all about the planet

but i didn't know about the the meteor



so we combined our talents and thought

it would be really cool to do something

with a rocket ship wait did you guys

design a rocket ship


i was gonna say that could be really

hard i mean we built one

go team


these guys they they know a lot about

science stuff oh yeah they know a lot


and all we did is build a simple little

lever invention




there's a guy over there



okay i give up

who are you and why are you here

oh well um we sort of want a contest

yeah and yeah wait

don't tell me

i'm a brilliant scientist i i can figure

it out uh here's my hypothesis let's see

you're here because

ah you want a contest

my hypothesis is correct

well congratulations to you all

and welcome to the brand new super

elfman science museum


you must be sid and gabriella inventors

of the super duper microphone i'll have

a joke tell her



what do you think folks you're the very

first people on the planet to see the

inside of my museum oh

watch this you're gonna love it

here they are


i almost forgot uh

uh i'm the head scientist here and i

decide everything in this science museum

of the future oh that's right

i did it all by myself no co-pilot just

me and me alone aha dr bobby b

at your service

i'm sid's grandma and i brought these

two young scientists

and i'm young young's mother i brought

these two over here ah well it's a

pleasure to have you here

isn't it remarkable oh well we were just

admiring the architecture of your

wonderful museum

it's mighty impressive yeah architecture

buffs out a little bit


i'll tell you what i'll give the

grown-ups the architecture tour and you

kids get a special tour from one of the

museum's newest tour guides

please aren't you going to be our tour


absolutely not your tour guides are

rolling in behind you


there we go


my crowding achievement

museum tour guides of the future


presenting stack

perfect for people who get tired and

don't want to walk around the museum

he's capable of carry up to four museum

visitors or eight sleepy toddlers

fast and deliver information with speed

for the museum visitor all the gold who

wants a whole tour in half the time


say hello

especially programmed to give tours to

families with babies

he has a built-in wet wipe dispenser and

a diaper changing station

you might say that popo takes care of

the boo-boo

very efficient it certainly is well this

is pinky my rockstar robot

program to sing the entire tour

the scene can get old so we'll see how

the public response to this one


and here's iowa

for fellow visiting scientists this

robot is equipped with an impressive

knowledge database of engineering

physics and advanced microbiology

oh aha and here's little cutie knife

i programmed it like a sheep dog so this

robot can keep track of large groups and

hard watering kids

perfect for school field


my greatest creation

the pinnacle of robotic ingenuity

i just finished updating him last night

i haven't had time to test him but i

think he's ready

come forward my friends


well what makes him so special well i

programmed him with an extremely high

level of artificial intelligence

so he can speak and interact with humans

just like a real person

he can recognize each of your faces and

your voices

oh and he has a sense of humor haha go

ahead say hello oh hello


hello i am bobby the super ultimate

science museum robot guide but you can

call me bobby buck for short just don't

call me late for dinner

hi bobby good one bobby bye i like your

red sweatshirt there very sporty


he got me his eye scanners can detect

colors uh-huh not too shabby

yeah since you kids like bobby pop so


you can test it for me and make sure

he's functioning properly can you handle

that responsibility


oh and uh one more thing

bobby bob has a very sophisticated

program and it took me months to figure

out so please

don't change anything on his control

panel okay i got it got it okay oh great

then you're ready for the tour


go there horsey let me get this straight

there are no grown-ups on the tour just

a robot uh

bobby bott has a two-way holographic

communication system so we can keep

track for the kids everywhere in the



i don't know


i guess so

what do you

so till then kids the place is yours

we'll see you at the end of the tour

how does this floating platform work



this museum is the coolest ever

fascinating and now for the first

exhibit follow me


welcome to the only science museum in

the world where you feel like you just

stepped millions of years back in time



oh hey there's a stegosaurus

hey nice job identifying that dinosaur

sid well you know

we can identify just about any of the

dinosaurs yep we learned about them in

school yeah go ahead ask us about any of

them oh okay um


how about um

that one

oh well that is a triceratops yeah

and um

that is a pteranodon whoa

yeah and


as you see the pteranodon uh children


excuse me i'm the guide i have

information children please children

and this big boy is a brachiosaurus

so as you can see we pretty much know

all the dinosaurs so you can ask us

anything you want about them oh this

place is


yeah but too bad they don't have the

replicas of the dinosaur fossils

recently discovered in china oh yeah

like the jungle source a theropod

dinosaur from the jurassic time period

it was 20 feet long weighed three tons

with a bony knob on the end of its nose

and the jagolasaurus walked on four legs

and could have grown to 60 feet long

impressive your information is correct


okay so um i didn't know all that stuff

about dinosaurs uh neither ah don't

worry guys when you get older you'll

learn that stuff too yeah yeah

when i get older oh i bet you know who

the that guy is

oh yeah that's a tyrannosaurus rex

uh-huh well speaking of the

tyrannosaurus rex would you like to see

what it can do



what do you think bobby bott's gonna

make him do

oh i think we're going to hear a



come on bobby buck make the dino perk

yeah make him

make him burst i think you will find

this far more exciting



that was amazing thank you just wait

until you see what else i am programmed

to do

follow me the tour continues


very cool huh yeah

this museum








hey you know

these tunnels kind of look like the

inside of the spaceship in the movie

star explorers hey you're right they do

huh what you've seen star explorers oh

sure i love that movie me too


look at that this is amazing


maybe it's a tunnel

do you guys hear that

what makes such a loud


instead of shrinking you down to the

size of bees we made the bees the size

of you

now you can experience what it's like to

be a bee



this is


very cool

and now here are some facts that you

will love

because they are unbelievable

i'm on a roll there are three kinds of

bees inside a hive the drones help make

eggs with the queen

the worker bees feed the drones and

build the hive

and the queen bee lays the eggs



okay contestants here's your first and

only question

can you locate the queen bee

oh found her me too


whoa how did you find the queen bee so


well babybot said that the queen bee

lays eggs and that bee is laying eggs

you are correct

that is the queen bee and thank you for

playing the bubble


they know so much yeah now let's hold on


we're moving on







this is commander

leader of the star explorers everyone to

your stations and prepare


battle right so wear clean socks and

bring a toilet plunger

you are hilarious thanks

welcome to the hall of machine


these are all simple machines

you are correct levers pulleys wheels

and inclined planes whoever's on a

favorite simple machine i like them

because i can help you eat huh

chopsticks are levers too oh yeah i

never thought about that simple machines

come in all shapes and sizes engineers

couldn't construct skyscrapers bridges

tunnels or buildings without them that's

right because they make things easier to

lift things up yeah you are correct

simple machines also make an amazing

playground please go ahead and try out

anything you like wow boy come on this



i'm flying

this is fun

it's the biggest lever ever

hey that

rhymes ready


coming down it lights me



okay go ahead gabriella lift up the dump



no way i'm too small

that truck is huge

you can do it gabriella remember it's a

lever it makes lifting things up a lot

easier i don't know

here goes

hey you're doing it


i did it sid you were right yeah

hey maybe i do know some science stuff

you really lifted the truth

are you enjoying the simple machines

and you'll love this follow me

oh he's up for more fun

now i'll need one volunteer to wave a

hand over my scanner oh um i guess i can

do it huh yeah okay yeah

what's that sound

i'm not sure it's a giant



guess what color the ball will land on

i'd say yellow

i know


purple it is

you are correct

yeah bug

hold on how did you guys know the ball

was going to land on purple oh well

there are four colors on the wheel and

more than half of the spaces are purple

yeah so statistically speaking it was

most probable that the ball would land

on purple

wow gabriella

i thought i was really good at figuring

out stuff especially science stuff but

i'll never be like young and nunu i know

these are the smartest big kids i've

ever met yeah

attention attention huh it is time for

something very important please follow

me do not delay please follow me







when you're in the mood for a tasty

snack you can relax and dine in our

state-of-the-art museum cafeteria it's

so pretty in here

attention attention i am receiving a

communication signal please stand by

wow hi grandma

are you having fun yeah


okie doke we're having fun too we just

saw the giant solar panels on the roof

this whole museum is powered by solar

energy from the sun how about that

okay see you at the end of the tour bye

kids bye-bye

transmission signal ending

let's go you're going to love what's

coming next

laser bleed activated

oh i defend myself from you well

greetings pinky


hey you know it would be cool to play in

one of these tunnels a game of indoor



you play soccer yeah i play on a team

me too

hey uh how do you say soccer in chinese

good job

well i think it's cool

that we both play zoo

me too gabriella



i know it's you you've been following us

but this is a special tour and i am the

tour guide me and me alone it's time for

you to return to dr banavadon where you


wow it's

really dark in here no need to be

concerned follow me


welcome to the world of weather


behold the world's largest bandicraft


that is neat what does that thing do

oh uh a vendor graph generator creates

static electricity it's like lightning


yeah but i've never seen one this big

this is gonna be good

please stand back while i turn on the

generator and enjoy the wonder and

beauty of lightning


it's like a lightning storm inside yes

it is

i'm glad you enjoyed the demonstration i

shall now turn off the lightning

this part of the tour is coming to an


that was fun


are you okay

oh that lightning spark was way too much

static electricity it probably ruined

his entire computer circuitry you're

right his control panel is a mess uh uh

maybe we could try calling doctor but



communication system oh there's no

chance of that

it looks like all of his computer

systems are fried


you and i have to try to fix him um but

dr b said not to change his programming

well we have to at least try we can't

bring him back broken


all right

let's take a look


oh yes yes

very sophisticated i couldn't agree more


let me try pushing that button on the

right a couple more times yeah okay yeah

excellent idea yes

maybe this will work okay

let's see


hey bobby bot you feel okay we were

worried about you

never dance with all that


bobby bob is a good

doggy dog

that's an odd thing for a robot to say


must go fetch



welcome to this


and don't forget to touch your toes

because they're yours

what's wrong with bobby bott i don't

know he's acting all crazy



he did something to the generator

everybody back up



we must have done this when we tried to

reprogram bobby bob we made things worse

we have to find him and turn him off

come on


i see him he's over there

everyone it's snack time hey a smoothie

made of bananas would be quite appealing

oh no i think gooey bananas are about to

go flying everywhere

i wouldn't waste a delicious smoothie

excuse me and now i must be going oh

we're going good baby

oh we've got to catch him before he gets



he's right


and now i'll come down there










folks captain bobby bye here i above you

with the traffic report it's a real mess

down there bumper to bumper-to-bumper

with kids trying to catch me ah sorry

it's not gonna happen because i am outta



did you guys notice something strange in


i don't notice anything yeah it's nice

and quiet


it's quiet there are no bees buzzing


if the worst thing bobby bot did was

make the bees stop buzzing that's not

such a bad thing at all

but there's a bad thing here comes a

giant spider coming right towards us

that's not a giant spider that's bobby


you're right young young in fact this

spider wants to uh put a new spin on


no more buzzing it's out with the old

and in with the moon



it's all the land of milk and honey

see ya wouldn't want to be yeah

he's headed toward the dinosaur exhibit

come on let's go yeah yeah


away from the control panel yeah i

repeat back away from the control panel

oh you're right how's this

moving how are you kidding you haven't

seen anything yet

and a one and a two and a three and a



enjoy the show tickets are free just

watch out for the details

if you think a dancing dino is fun come

see what i do next

what are you doing robots

get away





oh we lost him oh you guys dr b is gonna

be so mad at us

he gave us a big responsibility and we

ruined everything yeah well at least you

two tried to fix bobby bott i usually

have lots of big ideas but this time i

didn't have any

neither did i oh hey kiddos grandma

yum are you all right

we're fine mom but the museum is a

disaster oh i'll say i wonder what dr b

will have to say about all this i'll

tell you what i have to say oh something

terrible has happened

everything i built is

i ruined

no idea why oh

we know why a lightning bolt from the

van de graaff generator zapped bobby


and then he went kind of nutty oh yes

yes this is all my fault i i can't

believe i have never thought of the

possibility of bobby matt's metallic

frame attracting lightning in the van

der graaf generator well we have to tell

you something else yeah um after bobby

bott shut down we tried to reprogram him

and that's when he started to

malfunction and ruined the exhibits

and we know you told us not to touch his

control panel oh but we just wanted to

help oh yeah we're sorry sorry yeah

sorry it's okay

you're a scientist uh it's your nature

i probably would have done the same

thing may i have your attention please

the super ultimate science museum opens

in 30 minutes oh

that's just great

my museum opens up to the world and this

place is a mess oh

everyone will want to see my star robot

but of course they can't because i have

no idea where it is ah even if i can

find them i have to fix them first oh

maybe i should just cancel the opening

of the museum no no no no no no


but you have to open the museum please

yeah but i'm the only one who can fix


i have no idea what to do


um how did you hear that yeah he's not

going to open the museum

yang dang we have to do something i know

i know but i have no idea how to find

bobby bots yeah i don't either i really

wish you knew more about science i know

there's so much more to learn

maybe we'll know more stuff when we get

older yeah

much older oh now hold on there kiddos

sitting gabriella aren't you two the

kids who built the big old lever

invention to grab a microphone

yeah yeah well then sounds to me like

you really know your stuff well

we want to help but we just don't know

how yeah we're just kids oh

now that's just a big bowl of applesauce

you could be a scientist at any age

besides thinking like a kid is sometimes

the best way to solve a problem

now the way i see it

you two feel like you gotta solve this

whole mess all on your own

yeah and you too you feel like you're

too young to help yeah yeah so how about


work together

and see what you can do like a team

exactly yes siree

oh you'll be surprised at what you can

accomplish when you work as a team

and that goes for you too


bobby i've worked my whole life for this

technology ruined running forever

did you say something oh i sure did

look i know you like doing everything

all by yourself but you have a big old

mess on your hands and it might be time

for you to let these kids help you out

well uh

i don't know uh uh the museum's exhibit

uh very intricate and uh bomibot is a

very sophisticated program oh i know but

you can't be in two places at once how

are you going to fix everything and find

bobby bott that is a good point yeah

okay how about this you and the

grown-ups fix the museum exhibits and

we'll find papi bot yeah and then we can

bring them back to you yeah

we'll be a team exactly

yeah well that's actually not such a bad


i said

your grandma's one smart cookie

best grandma in the whole world

all right we'll do it

we have to hurry up we only have 25

minutes to find boba belt before museum

opens oh no

hey look there he is


please you can't catch me i have

superior programming


they have to help us




working together getting it done



me for you


working together getting it done

use our real scientific sense to find

artificial intelligence

smarter than a robot by far

at least i hope we



working together getting it done


oh you guys we only have 15 minutes

until the museum opens what are we going

to do

right you are gabriella i have some

information and i have some news if you

want to find bobby bots you'll have to

uncover some clues


gabrielle is right that is bobby bott

and he's gonna give us clues to find him

come find me where there's always sound

and to communicate you dance with a

waggle or a round

oh i know where bobby butt is

where he's right here in this dinosaur

exhibit remember there was singing and

music in here before well that's the

sound from the clue i think you're right

and the t-rex was singing and dancing by

going round and round so that was his

way of communicating with us

ah we solved the clues

do you think bobby bott's clues we're

trying to lead us somewhere else yeah

like somewhere with




guys we think bobby butt's clues are

telling us to go somewhere else

follow us but really yeah to the beehive

come on let's go


so bubby butt wanted us to come to the

bee exhibit


bobby bott's clue said come find me

where there's always a sound i guess

you're right there's always a sound

around here and then bobby butt's clue

said and to communicate you dance in a

waggle or around

and bees communicate by doing a waggle

dance and a round dance

gabriella and sid are correct

fireworks high five

wow how did you guys figure that out wow

well i don't know we just sort of

thought about the clues in a different

way well whatever you did it's



i guess i do say that a lot


look at you

now here's something fascinating

it's another clue

oh oh okay then let's figure this one

out too get a dog on its fur and it

might let out a bark

rub your shoe on a rug and it might let

out uh

let out a what he didn't finish the clue

maybe we're supposed to finish the clue

okay let me think hmm the last time i

put on my new shoes and tried to slide

across the rug in my room i couldn't

because there was too much friction

wow you know about friction that's a

pretty sophisticated concept oh yeah we

learned about that last year and you

know what the friction didn't let me

slide over my rug but i did get a shock

when i touched something afterwards oh


i can finish the clue yeah rub your

shoes on a rug and it might let out a

spark spark


the museum opened in 10 minutes


so get yourself ready for the very last

clue now here's a little something that

i can share find an easy way to lift

your spirits up in the air

lift our spirits up in the air how we

supposed to do that

sing a song do a dance oh i get it lift

our spirits up like telling jokes

telling jokes

hey hey bobby bot told us a joke in the

cafeteria come on let's go wait wait

wait wait actually i don't think bobby

bot is in the cafeteria

follow me to the simple machines are you

sure oh pretty sure

all right


so sid how exactly are we supposed to

lift our spirits up in here well my

favorite simple machine in the whole

world is the lever uh-huh you know why

why why because it makes it easier to

lift things up into the air oh

so bobby bott was talking about the room

full of simple machines yeah they all

make it easy to lift things up how you

are quite the scientist

way to go sid oh


okay so let's find bobby bud all right


oh we're never gonna find him this place

is too big and there's not enough time

he could be hiding in any of these

simple machines what are we gonna do

oh i have an idea


bobby body's programmed with over two

thousand riddles so he could keep giving

us clues and making us chase him around

this museum all day long and the museum

opens in five minutes so we don't have

all day exactly so if we want to find

bobby bott we're gonna have to choke him

out what

joking about sid's right bobby bott

loves jokes so if sid tells enough good

ones bobby bob will start laughing oh

and when he laughs we can find him yeah

and if sid can tell enough jokes to keep

him laughing long enough you and i can

reprogram his control panel and fix him

yeah but wait remember what happened the

last time we tried that yeah i know but

i think if we just had more time we can

do it


do you think you have enough jokes in

you to bring bobby bott out and keep him

laughing long enough so we can fix him

well young there's only one way to find



is this thing on

why are cows good in math

well follow me and i'll tell you

watch this


why are cows good at math

is it because they went to math school


is it because they're naturally good at

adding and subtracting wait i must know

the punchline

come back


sid oh sid

please please i gotta know

why are cows good enough

because they have built-in cow culators

i get it

that's good very funny

you know we have to reprogram it fast


no no you won't

and you won't find me again


let's go



he's in here somewhere i don't see him i

don't hear him


okay if we're going to catch him we need

to really work together as a team

jungyeon's right sid you've got to tell

more jokes and this time when we find

him don't stop telling jokes until we

have a chance to reprogram him yeah

don't worry sid i'll help you okay

why was the broom late for school i

don't know

why because he over swept

i hear him yeah it's coming from

over there quick

well he must be close sid give it all

you've got


this one never fails knock knock who's


anita anita

anita tissue


that's great

oh he was under the table i should have


i need a tissue oh

very clever quick menu now's our chance

to reprogram the control panel yeah sid

we need more jokes

okay uh here's one and why didn't the

crab share its cookie i i don't know why

because he was shellfish



yeah i get it because

a crab is a member

of the crustacean family

oh i'm out of jokes gabrielle you gotta

help me

okay uh-huh your grandma said sometimes

thinking like a kid is the best way to

solve a problem yeah

okay so if don't make bobby butt laugh

then this might


are highly irregular

and quite comic


that's working more funny faces


gabriella go go gabriella go you're

doing great

come on we're almost done keep going

gabriella okay this one never fails it's

time for

fishy face no no


what a funny fishy face

such an unusual distortion

of the facial muscles

oh i wish i could do that

i want to have a face


well that should fix him

welcome to the super ultimate science


i am bobby bott so how are you enjoying

the tour kids i hope it's not too boring

and we did it all by ourselves no one

else just us and us alone

did i mention we worked alone

hey gabriella making funny faces was a

brilliant idea yeah you might be young

but you sure are smart

thanks nunu hey fireworks high five for





you guys the museum opens in two minutes

not a problem luckily i am programmed

for extreme rapid transit


doesn't really help us any yeah


i don't know if i can open this place

without bobby dog

he was a star that means him even if the

kids find him i'll never have time to

fix them before we open


today was the day i was gonna introduce

my robot baby

to the world

hey did anybody order a museum tour

guide of the future

children you are all


it's all fixed you fixed him and you

said my name right unbelievable


oh bobby bob

i'll never miscalculate your internal

computer programming again


that's so sweet

i'm sorry i owe you an apology while i

was going cuckoo you guys saved the day

and this museum

i have learned something today this

museum isn't about how great i am it's

about how amazing our team is our big

robot team

come on

let's hug it out

robot style

the robot laser high five

all robots

i love you guys

oh kids you really impressed me

i can't thank you enough for finding

bobby both and fixing him ha ha nice job

team well you know nunu and i fixed him

but we sure didn't find him yeah sid and

gabriella did yeah without them on the

team we'd be in big trouble

oh i knew you could do it if you all

just worked together

you know sid your grandma's right i

think with your brains you can do just

about anything wow thanks young young

you know when i grow up i want to be

just like you

you already remind me of myself when i

was your age really yeah of course with

one difference you are already a science


and that goes for you too gabriella

thank you

hooray you're welcome hey hooray for us


oh wow your microphone makes a claw

sound i sure can make animal sounds too


i have got to get one of those no

problem we'll send one to you and china

nah don't send it why don't you bring it

in person when you all come to visit you

know me

really yeah really yeah


may i have your attention please it's

time for the grand opening of the super

ultimate science museum

all righty then the crowds are waiting

oh wait

you know you kids know this museum

better than anybody


so ha i hereby offer you a lifetime pass

to visit a museum whenever you like

and you can give the museum tour

quite welcome

that's the least i can do for the team

of kids who save my museum



i can't wait to hear all about the

special tour was it the most incredible

thing in the whole wide world mom dad

it was amazing

and sid did some amazing things do

really like what well let's see

first we met young young and nunu

and they're from china


and they're awesome and then we met

bobby potten he's a cool robot but he

went kind of cuckoo and flipped over the

simple machines and made bees go moo

made a giant t-rex sing and turn

lightning into disco lights

well don't worry we fixed all that stuff

because we worked together as a team and

saved the day

and they certainly did wow

sid are you ready to explore the museum

some more oh yeah let's do it

scientists in the house


we're a team of


a team scientists scientists

working together again


me for you

you for me

that's the way it's


working together


we're a team


to find artificial intelligence







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