April 15, 2024

How AI technology helps improve sports game performances

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

Artificial Intelligence in the sports market is projected to reach a value of over 19 billion dollars by 2030. See how this technology is going to transform the sports industry and help athletes improve their game performances. #AI #technology #sports https://bit.ly/3mNBJBe

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intelligence in the sports Market is

projected to reach a value of more than

19 billion dollars by 2030. perhaps

today the ones that are really investing

big bucks in AI are the large

professional sports team that have

massive budgets for winning and even a

five percent Improvement means

incredible upsides for top football team

for example but I think that in three or

four years we will

um maybe even have ai that will find new

players out there Rizzoli is the CEO of

V7 an artificial intelligence data

platform that helps companies including

sport related ones use AI to identify

everything from objects to behavior in


he says the number one reason for

professional athletes using AI is for

training it can get to know you quite

well and if it observes your gains or

your runs or your swims or whatever it

might be for long enough it's able to

tell you maybe where do you differ

compared to your teammates where are you

strongest and when are you strongest let

me give you an idea how powerful AI

tools are for professional athletes and

amateurs like me today I'm here in the

tennis court where all we need is an

iPhone this swing stick we place it on

top of the fence

and then press start

I'm playing with swapnilsa high the

co-founder and CEO of Swing Vision using

an iPhone's camera and neural engine

swing Vision captures all the action and

much more and we have our AI algorithms

that are processing the video in real

time and regenerate stats about the game

and then after you're done playing the

match you have a highlight reel of any

point you want to see any shot you want

to see it's all generated for you so you

could look at like all of your longest

rallies your break points or like just

your forehand errors the app keeps live

scoring and tracks the spin type speed

of your shots and where they land and

there's another feature that may

literally solve disputes line colleague

I don't know through AI the app

determines whether a shot is in or out

oh it was in so I'm wrong yeah oh whoops

maybe I don't like this technology

but I soon find that AI can also Save

the Day

so what's the call it's in wow that was

in that's a nice winner that could make

the difference between being an amateur

and a professional my career unless

you're playing on Center Court in

Wimbledon or something you don't have

anybody really calling the lines for you

all the way up to Division One tennis

you even have some of these like ATP

Challenger events where maybe they just

have like one linesman on one side of

the Court who's like looking down the

entire court so it's crazy like 99 of

people don't have good officiating

so high says swing Vision aims to bring

its technology to other sports like

pickleball volleyball and baseball

like many pioneers in the field he

believes AI has the potential to not

only Elevate the athletes but ultimately

the game yes work you cgtn Redwood City



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