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Sports Technology 🇷 🇪 🇻 🇮 🇪 🇼

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

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In this video i am going to talk about Sports Technology, as you guys know that they provide highest quality Sarms with shipping in USA and UK. They have common SARMs, rad-140, Liquid MK 677, MK-2866 (Ostarine), GW501516 (Cardarine), Ostarine and Cardarine Stack etc etc.

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hey guys welcome back to Dad Buck 2.0 my

name is Brian and in this video I'm

going to be going over Sports technology

as you guys know this is one of the

companies that I've been working with

they provide high quality sarms and uh

I'm gonna go over their company real




here's the homepage on their website

they have the drop down here you can

choose liquid Sun powders or sarm Stacks

they also offer wholesale it says right

in front they're bottled and third-party

tested in the USA credit card is

accepted and shipping in the United

States and UK same or next day so they

accept Bitcoin Amex MasterCard visa and

discover if you sign up for their

newsletter you also get 10 off of your

order so scrolling down the page here we

have you know the common sarms that are

available you know mk677 which isn't

disarm cartering isn't disarm red 140

Austin go over here to liquids to see

more of what they have my internet's

going slow today some of my apologies so

you can see they have cartering lgd 4033

that's hard to find nowadays I have had

a couple guys say that it felt less

potent milligram for milligram than what

was available in the past that being

said I don't know where else you can

actually buy lgd 4033 right now so at

least we have this available right

there's austering mk677 rad 140 S4 sr909

9009 my bad liquid YK 11 s23 and

ru58841 and this one's in a spray which

is kind of nice you can just spray it on

your scalp instead of trying to use the

dropper they have a lot of information

on their website too you know what are

sarms about their company also they've

been on Fox and Bailey and CBS 19 which

is kind of cool and they have their

contact information down below Facebook

Instagram and their mailing address is

available here if we go up here to the

blog and they have quite a few

interesting articles for you guys who

are wanting to learn more about sarms

they have some good articles right here

that you guys can check out how to pay

so this is one of the only companies

that offers credit card processing which

is pretty cool they also have the mesh

Network right so mesh isn't really it's

kind of a it seems like it's kind of a

scammy thing to work through I've used

it for a number of companies before and

haven't had an issue so that being said

it's something that I've used multiple

times haven't had an issue with and I do

trust it although it is kind of a pain

in the dick you know so pardon the

language then they also take Bitcoin

they walk through all this like how to

use coinbase cash app Etc so a lot of

information available on here they also

if you go to coas here they have their

certificates of analysis so you guys can

see each of the different products that

they carry and the test results right

down here I'm not gonna let me click on

it but anyway the test result is right

here so this one is for let's see

ru58841 result 100 percent so you guys

can see all the coas on this page and

that's kind of nice to have available

once again they offer lgd 4033 which is

pretty hard to find songs are not meant

for human consumption I'm not condoning

their use so I'm just showing you guys

the companies out there providing high

quality sarms for research purposes that

are non-human if you guys are licensed

researchers and have a facility to be

testing these products in on whatever

your license to test on then this is a

good source to buy the stuff okay so

once again not meant for human

consumption I'm not condoning the use of

sarms although I do use them myself if

you go to mysoul.to page it's slow.to

slash danbod2fit I have my Landing page

here this is constantly updated with

high quality companies that I use trust

and recommend each of these companies

has a discount code available so for

sports technology you get 15 off using

Code dad bod 2.0 and if you're looking

for something that they don't carry I

have several other companies available

on there you can get injectables from

unchanged sarms I think also Behemoth

and pure raws carry injectables of some

products I need to check those websites

out and I will do that real soon but if

you're looking for injectables Unchained

has them and like I said all these

companies are very good quality I've

used them and I like their products so

go check out the other companies

available on there and I will see you

guys in the next video thank you very

much take care


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