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Technology in Sport

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

A-level PE

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I got two welcome to this video on

technology in spots

so this counter comes in the same

section as commercialization media

sponsorship all that golden triangle

stuff on that little video so again what

the point I'm making there is you're

probably going to get a question on one

of those on the exam and it's going to

be usually a pros cons or a discussed

question on you know commercialization

is watching media or in this case

technology on the spot all the perform

at the spectators all the officials now

last thing you want if you've seen the

video on commercialization sponsorship

and media there wasn't really anything

to do with the officials

whereas here technology is used by

officials all a lot in large games and

that's the issue this topic that thing

people have the Train thing about all

different types of Technology or just

think about app IDs of all this

technology that we see it's bobble

related to either sport the performance

spectators are the officials so what

we're going to do is what a time what's

going to take each of these and

categories here one two and three I'm

going to look at the pros and cons and

examples of different types of

Technology and you know look a little

bit of a discussion on whether it's a

good thing or a bad thing okay now

you're going to see me use these

pictures for different ones but that's

kind of the point there is a bit of

overlap between sport performers

officials countries things like that so

basically we've got the sport in a

performer let's have a look at a few

advantages and we'll write the

advantages in blue and then we look at

the disadvantages of technology for the

sport and performer and I'm going to

write those in red so let's have a look

at some of the advantages first so in

terms of the advantages of different

types of technology to perform and as I

said let's deal with them one at time

technology can be equipment that we're

wearing helmets shin pads things like

that so we've got reduced injury risk

that's going to benefit the sport and

the performer fuel players our injured

pair less chance of injury to certain

individuals that's fantastic we've got

things like Hawkeye that's a different

type of technology where I'm also a

video replays you know the big thing in

football is goal line technology that's

coming or you know is in the process of

coming in so video replay so we get the

correct decisions there's no more

farcical decisions that benefits


the sport we've got things like

tractable Roos at places like Wembley in

the Millennium Stadium no not one blue

is it actually knowledge from the lingam

stadium sorry where we can close the

roof and we can make sure the fixtures

are not called off that again benefits

the sport benefits the performers you

guaranteed again you guaranteed the game

to go ahead linked him with that when we

go seeing the steady of these things

we've also got a lot of synthetic

surfaces the rewards skill now what we

mean by that is the quality of the

surface is maintained there's no bubbles

there's no divots there's no potholes it

doesn't get waterlogged on the pitch

heating means that it's always you know

good to play on which rewards skill you

don't get any unlucky bounces or unlucky

rolls of the ball and things like that

which again benefits the sport in the

performer and also other kinds of

technologies such as

timings distances pros on stats past

completion rates we can do great

performance analysis so you the athlete

can then analyze your performance so you

know at a high level and see where

you're going right and see where you're

going wrong so there are a lot of

advantages of different types of

technology being brought into sport

forms for the performer so what about

the disadvantages then it could be a

discussed question

now what try to do is marry them off

because obviously they discuss question

you've got to give an argument for and

an argument against so for example a

pale look we said one of the advantages

of new technologies you get more

protective equipment reduced risk of

injury but that sometimes means that

players take unnecessary risks you put a

helmet on a player they will start

putting their heads in quite dangerous

positions you know ones that they

wouldn't normally do so if they weren't

wearing a helmet so you can put a little

bit too much faith in this technology is

no guarantee you're not going to get a

concussion you're not going to get a

fracture you're not going to get broken

eye sockets something like that and we

also said them whether you know video

replays allowed correct decisions to be

made but some performers will start to

use these replays as a tactic to

deliberately slow the play down to throw

your opponent off a little bit so again

that's not good for the sport it's not

good for the performer in terms of these

three we said like never a review of

fixtures call off because we can put

Rufe oil that we can put synthetic

services on there but what were just

done there is we've changed the nature

of the sport isn't sport about a little

bit of unpredictability a bad bounce a

bad roll of the ball a dodgy decision

something like that if we control all

variables how are we at risk of making

spot a little bit boring you know so

there's an issue there that is valid you

might disagree but it's a valid point

and finally once Kamath out there on its

own I linked it to you know personal

equipment area it's not available to

everyone so the cost issue so what if

you can't afford the correct equipment

you're an immediate disadvantage so

there are a few arguments foreign

against the use of various types of

technology for the sport and the

performer so what we look at now are the

pros and cons of various types of

technology for the spectators as though

watching the sport so you're going to

see some overlap you're going to see

some similar pictures but you know

that's kind of the point we're going to

see a bit of overlap it's just applying

the right theory to the right one again

I'm going to write the advantages in

terms of benefits of Technology to the

spectators in blue I'll write the

disadvantages the downsides in red so

some of these pictures are quite similar

not identical to what we've seen before

a couple of a markable new ones but

you're making the same point what we've

got here is the fact that I'm with this

kind of technology with Hawkeye with

things like hot sporting cricket or gain

accurate results and current decisions

which is a spectator that's what you

want you don't wanna feel like you are

your team have being cheated but also

what does it do it generates a bit of

excitement in the crowd you're

discussing you know when you watch

Wimbledon you know all the crowd

agreeing or waiting for the you know

ball to land see whether it was in or

out you know you see something honestly

comets are on hot spot and and you know

you know you're in with the umpires

almost part of the decision-making maybe

even big discussion point if you're

watching it's part of a group so there

are two valid points for technology in

sport also this kind of technology that

we see down here but you watch a half

time and full time he sends sinan

informative you know when I was a kid

growing up you watch the game that was a

job done you didn't know any you know

you had your own opinions but you

weren't really educated about it right

now we do

at a level of entertainment and

education based on stats and setups and

formations and things like that and this

picture we've already seen before as a

spectator sat in the stands he a much

more comfort and I buy a ticket for a

game it's guaranteed that game is going

to take place it's very likely to get

called off if there's a retractable roof

and you know if we think about Wimbledon

again you know in the UK one thing we're

guaranteed over the summer is rim where

the retractable roof over center court

you are guaranteed at least one gear to

retake your place so you can get

fixtures you can get through the fixed

yet list quicker with this kind of stuff

so there are some of the key advantages

of technology for the spectator so what

about the disadvantages then some links

a few the disadvantage with the

advantages again what have we got

guaranteed we are going to get more

bricks in play to make decisions - with

fair decisions and not a lot of people

like that we want spots of flow so

there's an issue there also with these

modern still yet we have less atmosphere

okay it's not the sims not quite the

same as what we're used to and that can

be a disadvantage to a spectator dancing

it can be a disadvantage of the

performers as well we mentioned some

previous one it's not good for the sport

and the performers equal it's not good

for the spectators we can use this kind

of technology as a tactic to the

relative thrill players out to throw

them off the rhythm to do a bit of time

wasting again that's not a good thing

and again we made this point with the

synthetic surfaces in the retractable

rooms and things like that we're making

the results more predictable if the

conditions are set up the rewards skill

the best team should win more often than

not the best pleasure win more often

than not now you might go well that's as

it should be

you're absolutely right that's fun but

isn't past for the giant killings the

upsets the results that you never saw

coming there the talking points and if

the results are sorry if the conditions

are set up the rewards skill the best

play is win 99% of the time and spot

becomes very predictable and if I mean

obviously quite boring and bland

particularly from a spectators point of

view maybe not from the performers point

of view but they're the key arguments

fallen against different types of


for spectators so legs move finally on

now to the officials and as I'm sure you

can gather some of these we're going to

talk about again because some of these

are very very relatable to officiating

in sport so you might be already

formulating some ideas based on what

we've just said absolutely right do so

because there's going to be a lot of

overlap here again so what are the key

advantages of this various type of

technology that we're looking at for the

officials so again picture we've seen

before all this kind of technologies

massively beneficial to official Hawkeye

Square in the air hotspot it means that

correct decisions are made there is less

issue how many times do you wear in post

match interview is all terrible referee

by yes sorry terrible decision by the

referee cost of the game blah blah blah

but if we can repair decisions that's

not going to happen it's going to take

the pressure off the official which

leads us on to that point there is less

pressure to make on-the-spot decisions

if they want to refer it they can refer

the decision and make sure they get it

right okay equally players can challenge

decisions I don't think that was our

only want to challenge it so we get a

fourth officials viewpoint okay so we

can challenge decisions as performers

that benefits the officials as well

because it ensures that the correct

decision is being made some of this

unique little couple that we haven't

mentioned really we can get better

communication between officials you know

you watch the Rugby Union now when the

plays have go prepare cameras on the

heads they have microphones earplugs

they can communicate instantly with the

fourth official outside the ground who

can review anything that can ask for it

on the spot so we have much better

communication between officials so we

can get you know they can work

effectively as a team to make the right

decision between them and also with all

this technology we have much higher

accuracy in terms of measurements

timings placings

things like that you know long gone are

the days of the good old fashioned photo

finish where you have to wait for your

interview to come through and check we

can get all you know we've got slow-mo

cameras we've got you know time is it

concern with infractions at one

thousandth of a second we can split

performers apart we can measure things

to within

you know micro-millimeters you know we

can we can do things really really well

so again that makes eldest is you're

making a lot more accurate from an

officiating point of view but equally

there's going to be some disadvantages

so let's finally finish by looking at

those I'm sure you along with me at some

point been shouting at the screen TV

before when the referee in a game of

rugby or some like that has referred

another decision and you seen for God's

sake they've just make and he says

another backbone have a spine that can

be a definite over reliance on this

technology you know because I can refer

it doesn't mean I should all the time I

should make some decisions for myself or

else what's the point in having an

on-field official so the company no

reliance on this technology equally when

they're calling for a decision to be

reviewed it can be really really

disruptive I'm thinking of England in

the Six Nations recently where the went

to review a try it was five minutes

looking at thee from this angle from the

angle then back again from this angle

and from that one and can we check it

from over there and the still from what

a lot of people said didn't make the

correct decision so he's really

disruptive and that can really you know

upset the balance of again the other

issue as well is that it's not available

everywhere so you know if officials are

becoming over relying on it what happens

when they then as for fishing again

where this technology isn't available if

you think about Hawkeye Wimbledon I

think Hawkeye is available on sent a

cold call number one and that's it well

as far as on whether of a thirty courts

or Wimbledon so what if you you know

fishing on one of the outside court you

know you're not going to have the luxury

of that kind of technology so there's

another issue as well and finally we've

said this a few times it changes the

nature of the spa the sport is it you

know is it the bad decision or a dodgy

decision part of the game you know it

has been forever and ever and ever but

officiating this is make-or-break

careers you know you might again argue

that all another it should be you know

we should be able to make effective


I agree we're absolutely Rupp you're

absolutely right but some sounds from an

entertainment point of view we need

about collimated about decision

sometimes you want a giant killing

we need a call to go against someone or

for someone else so you know it does

change the nature of the sport all of

this technology it's not just about

on-the-spot decisions anymore so this

video has been about all the different

kinds of technology I think it's

unlikely you're going to get any

questions about a specific type of

technology instead you need to be able

to see how it affects the various people

and the sport and then bring examples

into it so I hope you found this video

useful folks


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