May 21, 2024

Babu Dokotela Tv Show | Hat for Money

Published June 12, 2023, 5:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

Babu Dokotela Tv Show | Hat for Money

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thank you

we are born





today we are delivering what is called

in English version any video that you'll

be seeing now coming in your language

that you will understand thank you

everyone back home and home welcome we

are coming to you live from Studios of

football there is this tutor number six

Hotel today we'll be discussing

something called a head for money or a



it cannot contain money so we need to


um is called a crown the crown yes yes

yeah so it cannot we have a crown for


because money on his own is Crown yes

yeah so back to hotel

I want you to talk about

what is this


very important to us because you see

we as is a younger we strongly believe

that we must acquire people to leave

poverty no matter what it costs but they

must still live poverty because we

cannot tolerate people to be poor lights

whereby we use short men to ascertain


uh we normally prefer to use graphs

drives are called romantic Nano


because maintenance is something


when we when we we ask a client to use a

pengular we want you to get a paper and

a pen small page like this something

small write your name and it's a name

and write your intention what do you

want to ascertain what you want to


oh I don't want you to be like a child

whereby said I want a billion I want a

trillion uh

I want to marry it to my name no no no

no do not be full just write

significantly like we are serious about

trying to get a job we are employed we

are employed but we are a graduate that

you are not getting a job that you are

related relevant to your qualification

we have to write that you are having

difficulties with rough road accident

fund it's not paying you because the

lawyers are playing hide and seek now

you need a pink ruler for that all you

have to do you write your name and your

intention and thereafter intention is a

request and then you put this motive it

comes in great powder you put it here

reputed paper and then you must get me a

new unused white cloth of fabric

and then you put this thing and then you

cover it and then you you sleep over

put it under your pillow and for period

of three days after three days there's

exhausted take this

contact remove the the white fry big go

to the river not a dam not a a beach

what but a river we need a river from

where you're gonna get a river it's up

to you

we have to go to the river you must be

in possession of coins like 10 Rand to

29 coins when you go there

you're going to be Distributing these

causes and as I said in offering to the

spirit of the Marines and thereafter

you'll be tapping to their world and

decree and declaring what do you want

from them once you finish you take this

paper you put it

slowly gently put it in water and let it

float don't throw it like that because

it will be showing a disrespect

to the others in the water

when you are in Johannesburg you can

call this number to


6 you'll be paying like a thousand rent

for that but it is pretty small very

small very small very small thousand

rent or if you're in Japan or around a

kzn you can call mongeni in global this

number is

061-538-2925 you'll be prepared to spend

like a thousand Rands

there used to be something called it's a

car Fuller back in the days before


and there's been a very a strong debate

whether it's still effective in the 21st

century because nowadays you just get

the number and call the person rather

than using a scaffold but don't tell I

want you to focus on its Effectiveness

in the 21st century is this still

effective in our days

followed ten years ago it was okay 20

years ago it was fun today it is


it is hypersonic

it is too good to be ignored because

when we talk about isaka folder it's

whereby we teach you

how to make it potent how to make it

strong if you want to send this a couple

with a lightning stroke

you must be naked

but you must be naked and when you send

it send it three times at night

but there are numbers that we have to

consider when you are doing as a couple

you can send a second follow at six at


you must set it at 9 at 11.

the numbers are very important odd

numbers are prefect odd numbers are

preferred and when you send this example

at nine o'clock at one o'clock at three

o'clock then it's wait till penetrate

because you're using those iconic


I do is a car full of five thousand run

but to go to be serious because when you

send this thing this person will be here

next day but you were just testing we're

not serious you've got to be serious you

can't spend five thousand Grand and

still you are not serious

thank you

thank you there is something called

Calabash for money it's a group what is

this color performing



we prepared is a group for you or a

calabash that is so small it is small

it's just 20 000 Rand we prepare is a

couple that color patch is just for

money for people who want to tap into

powers of money they want to ascertain

wealth like you cannot control it but

it's not for business people it's for

people who don't have business it's for

people who are working for people who

are suffering who says I'll put some

cash together I can rather sell

something so that I can come to you I

still insist sell whatever you can sell

your laptop

accumulated twenty thousand and come to

and I'll give you the Calabash

once you get the karabasma

you must take 10 rent bend it and feed

it on top and decree and command what do

you want and the money will be there

it's only a color patch that attracts


in your realm my daughter voices

when this comes to impedance Hotel what

are the financial benefits of using



comes to your reddish color it is an oil


it is an oil it cost you 2 800 that oil

is for people who says I don't want

acetyl I've got children I'm a born

again and then these things that you do

I don't like it but I just need money I

need to clear some debts can impedance

help me

there's someone who's a non-belief but

just that is struggling striking like

serious you want to get in Palestine

money it's 2 800 and then we'll be

giving you in-depth instruction on the

coming videos but when you want to see

money flowing

well oiled coming to you

change your attitude change your

mentality toward the way you think we

have to change it to your attitude it's

what keeps you poor because you treat

everything as a scam you remember the

scam that they were talking about the

scheme of getting messages pens getting

cheap what was that what was cameras was

a scam or what that was a real in fact

it is a real and a genuine business what

I mean genuine okay

it's not genuine

no no you just explained to us a little

bit yeah no it's working it is making

people get money every day because it's

it works on a referral system with that

business you just join it's a clap in

fact they call it it's for

people who wants to own cars you simply

join the business for 2.6 you just

introduced three people you get paid

commission not mine that come from

somewhere in the cloud a certain person

that really don't understand they said

something like a loan companies giving

not only there's no such you just get

paid through commissions because you are

bringing people who wants to join the

club how much are we getting better you

get a thousand for each person that you

bring in the business

you get even more than that because

three people will even have something

called a faster bonus a faster bonus the

2000 that you get if you bring three

people within 30 days yes so you get 2

000 more than more from the 1000 to get

per person so it's something beautiful

but once you reach club 60 you get a

basic salary of six thousand rent Club

12 is a Mercedes dispense just like that

boom you remember the chocolate man that

was his name is do you have his number

yeah his number zero seven three eight

double five zero three two seven people

must call him anytime the day people

don't complain that your own complaint

that we use this number without his

content consent no no no what is his

number again it's zero seven three eight

double five zero three two seven okay

let's go back to impellence impedancy

it's not for children because some

people they just want to have money for

shooting and then start to insult other

people who don't have money you want

employees you must be prepared to have 2

800 Rand you can call our uh sources now

just now we'll be having a branch in

mpumalanga as well we'll be giving that

number for impo Malanga whereby if you

need our product will be sold wow our

product result currently we're in Durban

in Johannesburg the number to code is

061 in Durban five three eight two nine

two five you're speaking to

um and in Johannesburg speak to mambosi

a number is

071-575-3435-072242-62067 thank you very


now I want us to speak about animals

there's a belief that animals are

Innocent but


there's also a spirit of azazil that

possesses such an animal

is it true that God is possessed by the

spirit of others

the horns

they're nostril the ears it complete it

represents as a seal

there is no known mammal I think it's

represent the coach there is no non-mama

that has that kind of a long-term

nostril with sharp and ears shaped like

that others like this but the court is

like that and after the horns are

different compared to any other mammal a

code you just represents the hierarchy

of isuzel if you want to tap to the

powers of other said you use a good but

there is something that you need to do

remove from the code that will align

with others in a completely otherwise

we'll be using a chord for something



the last thing to be considered by a man

what do you mean

is not for juvenile people

it's not for fainted hearted people it's

for people who says

I've tried everything but the best I can

do is to take a situal

because this child doesn't come cheap

but it's a Twitter is expensive but we

have to change your lifestyle as well

there are people who comes to me not

knowing that when they come for is it

one they must come with serious money

that is why we even urge you to sell

your properties sell your cars

because we've got a scrap card that is

parked today for too long sell it

remove clean or you have to sell those

things in a house you got like three


you only use one and don't even use any

of those laptops take it and then

recycle and get some cash and now Tech

is it well

I'm willing to do that for you but you

must be prepared to pay thank you

thank you

before you say goodbye to hotel

you promise your viewers that you're

going to talk about the heads for money

or responsibility

can adjust before you go

tell them about

the head that attracts money the head

that is used to attract money we go to

what is called the head that attracts


we when we prepared that head for you it

is 20 000 Rand

and then the second range it is 30 000

Rand but the difference about that

the one for thirty thousand Rand we will

taking money 200 and not bring it into

Ash and thereafter mix it with mushonga

or Moto and then

cut it over here and then put more in

into chocolate they call it Mori


the head that attracts money for

business people it is hundred thousand

when you are coming for that you must

bring a gold

definitely must bring a coat and then

you must buy two identical heads

not caps heads

get two Tenga is

by two because one we put something and

one will be putting something and then

we have to leave that at home we don't

have to wear those heads now and again


because we have to do something in your

head and then put the head and then

remove it when it remove it it will stay

in your blood with multi and then after

we take 200 red knot and put it on top

of that and ask you to take it and put

it somewhere safe at home but they must

be binded like they like a binary head

they must remain in one place

and that is for business people it is

hundred thousand right but for people

who are infantry when it comes to this

it just

twenty thousand right thank you very

much for anyone who want to get it kid

always call me set up an appointment and

come thank you that was

the lava of wisdom and the University of


thank you very much it's been a pleasure

to come back with this English version

surely people who speaks Vanda will able

to understand the people who speak Tonga

they were able to understand it thank

you thanks very much

zero six three six eight nine eight nine

two two




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