April 15, 2024

Barbie the Movie : Ken, Gloria, the President , Barbie and RC Car Plus DIY Backyard

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Unboxing NEW Barbie Movie Dolls & diy Movie-Inspired Backyard! We're excited to share with you some of the latest dolls from Barbie The Movie, gifted to us by Mattel. Not only are we unveiling Ken, Gloria, the President, and of course, the show-stopping Barbie herself, but we're also setting up a diy backyard inspired by the film, complete with an RC Car! Tune in to this exciting MyFroggyStuff episode and join us as we delve into the wonderful world of Barbie. Don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button to stay updated!












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we would like to give a special thanks

to Mattel for sending some of these

dolls to us as a gift for free it is

currently June 1st like when I'm

recording not probably when you're

watching this and Barbie the movie dolls

just dropped I spent the morning

spending way too much money what's up

doll collectors hobbyist Fabs and

besties I'm Toya an adult doll collector

welcome to my mini verse new Barbie the

movie dolls are on their way I saw them

this morning June 1st on Amazon Mattel

creations and Walmart and I told myself

I was only gonna buy a few because I

don't want a bunch of doubles they're

like four Barbies then I don't know what

happened and I kind of bought them all

including all four Barbies yeah this

keeps happening but in Barbie's defense

they are sold separately I just want the

clothes which is why I bought this one

for 14.99 on Amazon we get the same pink

boots with a pink ruffled dress that I

put on a classic made to move Barbie

body a few of the dolls are supposed to

arrive soon so hopefully they will make

it into this video while we wait let's

work on our pool scene this is the pool

we started in this video and we made

this Barbie style inspired pool last

year I can only keep one pool so we're

gonna be pulling this one apart space is

limited and renovating helps to keep the

costs down which is a must right now

because I just bought all those dolls

and these textured walls might look

pretty nice in our new space but I plan

on adding shrubs or plants to the bottom

of the wall so you might not see it you

might not I don't know right now let's

glue these two together then take a

second board and I paint them all light

pink I take two more boards and glue

them together we're gonna paint this

white making sure to get the edges I

didn't worry about the top too much

because we're gonna cover it with like

grass allow everything to dry then I

glue the large textured pink wall onto

the back I add the other wall onto the

side then let's glue down grass

scrapbook paper I would love to to have

like real artificial grass but I don't

have any at the moment so this is gonna

have to do actually scrapbook paper

isn't too bad I picked up these boxwood

tiles from Target they were three

dollars each and I'm just going to

attach them to the back wall I used four

and it was just the right amount and it

totally looks like it's from the movie

or the promo pictures at least let's put

our pool right next to it and now we

have a bigger outdoor space I take clear

plastic from packaging cut it to fit

over the water so it's a little

reflective paint a few terracotta pots

while waiting for them to dry let's glue

some artificial plants behind the back

wall to look like a palm tree peeking

over add artificial plants to the pots

to add more Greenery to this a space

let's bring back our Dollar Store lounge

chair with a small table let's take the

outdoor furniture set from the dollar

store put it together and place it on

the grass let's add some fairy lights or

a little Ambiance let's add a flamingo

cup floatie to the pool I feel like my

chair is getting lost in all this white

so I'm adding a little Barbie blanket to

break up that space a little and it kind

of reminds me of the pink stone that

they have around their pool let's

replace our large Palm with a smaller

succulent it was taking up too much

space and now our outdoor area is

complete it is Friday morning and a few

dolls have started to arrive it's Ken

this doll was 25 I bought it on Amazon

the back of the box shows the house oh

should we have a yellow walkway I cut

yellow craft foam and add it to the

grass not sure if that was needed but

Barbie did it so it's happening all

right can Europe the actor Ryan Gosling

plays Ken in the movie with super blonde

hair this doll does have rooted hair

there is some product in it he has blue

eyes a big toothy grin comes wearing a

pink and green outfit the top is open

with faux buttons and he has working

Pockets but it's not a closed pocket so

hang on to those Corvette car keys the

pants have a snap in the back and it

looks like he has been stitched in and

he comes with a pair of white shoes and

a blue surfboard it has articulation at

the neck the shoulder the elbow it's a

single hinge at the wrist the hip

and you can bend at the knee no ankle

joint but that's not going to stop him

from chilling do I wish this was a made

to move body absolutely and he looks

like he might be a close match for

Barbie looks number 18. I'm not gonna do

it I'm not gonna do it but Ken is just

gonna step out for a moment while

waiting let's say hello to a new friend

priced at fifty dollars this is

President Barbie this is a Barbie

signature doll and comes with a

certificate of authenticity and a pink

doll stand the inside of the doll box

looks like an office the doll comes

dressed in a pink gown with a two layer

skirt the top layer is tulle they are

glitter gold details a pink sash with a

gold tassel a gold colored necklace gold

earrings that are removable her makeup

is is beautiful she has dark brown hair

with large curls some of them have been

squished a little in the box and she

comes with the female hero body so

there's movement at the head the

shoulder that is a muscular arm there a

double hinge at the elbow movement at

the wrist the hip and a double joint at

the knee her foot is on an incline and

she wears gold shoes oh and her

fingernails are painted pink so she's

kind of close to a made to move body I

think she is absolutely beautiful I love

her face her dress does velcro in the

back and she is stitched in and here is

the dress without the sash

someone's at the door no way our Fabs

and besties at Mattel sent us Gloria as

a gift thanks this is a Barbie signature

doll at Mattel Creations this doll has a

suggested retail price of fifty dollars

she comes with a certificate of

authenticity a doll stand she has dark

brown hair with curls in the front the

back is a little flattened and I assume

that's from packaging but I just combed

out the front curls and it Styles pretty

easily she has large gold hoops that are

removable nice clean makeup with a

little gold detail in the corner of the

eye she wears a pink power suit with a

pink satin jacket with faux black

buttons we get three little buttons on

the sleeves and one in front she comes

with a pink sleeveless top and wide leg

pink striped pants they do have pockets

so that's pretty cool and there is a

slit at the bottom her shoes are

absolutely gorgeous and colorful and

this is a petite made to move body yeah

yeah and here's the outfit on a classic

Barbie just in case you're interested it

fits pretty good and I love those shoes

they also sent us Barbie in the plaid

dress thank you with a suggested retail

price of fifty dollars we get a

certificate of authenticity a doll stand

and a doll she has curls this doll comes

with a fabric hat it is pink blue and

yellow has a little texture and a ribbon

going around it with a bow in the back

it looks like the same fabric is on the

cropped jacket there's a faux white

button on the sleeve the pattern goes

all the way around she wears gold and

pearl drop earrings has pink painted

fingernails soft makeup blonde hair with

a side part a sleeveless top up with a

bow there are snaps in the back the

skirt is separate and it has a snap as

well she has a tulle underskirt undies

and blue heels she has articulation

similar to a Barbie extra doll with

movement at the head shoulder elbow


pip and knee I put my first Barbie on a

made to move body and now we have one

with bangs and one without but we only

have space on the shelf for one Barbie

so I switched them the hands too because

I really like her with the side part and

I kind of Switched kin too but I

honestly think you all saw that coming

it's not a perfect match it does look

better in person but I'm totally gonna

keep them like this I gelled back his

hair the shirt was a little bit of a

challenge to get on but the shorts were

pretty easy and here are the shoes

Barbie and Ken oh they're a cute couple

last but not least the Barbie Hot Wheels

Corvette just arrived from Amazon now

there are two cars one is an RC car this

one at about 55 and the second one is

priced around 75. it looks like we need

seven double a batteries the car can sit

two dolls I'm liking the details on the

tires here's the front of the car here's

the side and here's the back the trunk

can open and there are sticker details

inside we also get a pink Barbie

controller so we can make the car go

it's fast wow there are seat belts and a

white and pink interior and I totally

can't wait to see more thank you for

joining us while we took a look at some

of the dolls from Barbie the movie and

add it to our very pink house like

comment share and subscribe don't forget

to ring the bell and follow us on

Instagram at MyFroggyStuff the Frog Vlog

and Bella of my froggy stuff and we will

see you next time






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