June 23, 2024

The Super Mario Bros Movie How to Make DIY Squishies with Squishy Maker with Luigi

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Today we are making The Super Mario Bros Movie diy Make your Own squishies with the squishy maker with Mario and luigi characters. This kids craft includes Mario inspired slime, mix-ins, and other items. See what squishies we decided to create. #thesupermariobrosmovie #mariomovie #squishy

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what's up again

caboodle fans welcome back to my Channel

today we are making our very own Mario

and Luigi squishies let's go ahead and

bring out our squishy maker let's pick

out Mario we know that Mario is a big

fan of collecting coins Hearts stars and

he wants to save his brother Luigi okay

this squishy is going to be super fun

I'm gonna use a clear balloon let's go

ahead and put it in the hole right here

and let's pump this is going to create a

bigger opening so we can put some

add-ins in there I'm going to start out

with putting some Stars since Mario

loves collecting Stars I've got a

question mark what Adam do you think is

in here let's take a look fun we've got

some hearts and some Stars he likes

collecting all those okay let's go ahead

and put those inside I'm also going to

add more Hearts okay there we go I think

that's good and to make a squishy a

little bit blue let's go ahead and add

these foam beads here we go these can

get all over the place I'm just gonna

put a little bit oh they're sticking to

the top now on to the water we're gonna

fill this up and add a thickener to our

Squishy look at it Splash around in

there okay let me add another one to

this I'm also going to add some of these

Gold Gems they kind of look like coins

which my loves to collect now on to our

thickener we just need one scoop of this

maybe a little bit less than that okay

put that in we're going to grab our wand

and mix it in there I don't know why but

this needed some sparkle so I'm going to

add some of this confetti in there kind

of looks like coins too next up we're

gonna add more little things inside of

our squishy what should we add for Mario

I feel like we need to definitely add a

coin box of course the star what else I

feel like I should add a little Mario so

we can find him I also want to add a

coin and I think that's it I'm gonna go

ahead and throw these in here I'm gonna

grab Arlen put it on top of our balloon

here I hope this one does not disappoint

all right squishy balloon come on out I

feel like this one's gonna be really fun

well let's go ahead and twist and remove

our cap look at that coin box in there

all right I'm gonna release the air

perfect oh my goodness

let's go ahead and tie off our squishy

there we go make a knot okay we've got

foam beads Hearts stars oh my goodness

this one really turned out let's go

ahead and find some of our things we've

got the coin box we've got the coin

right there and let's see if I can find

a Mario in here oh look here's the

oh I found Mario okay this one was

really really fun to do and squish what

did you all think about our Mario

squishy now we're gonna do Luigi oh

Luigi is kind of like a scaredy cat he's

scared of ghosts wouldn't you be too

yeah you're right I'm gonna take another

clear plastic balloon let's put it right

in here and pump for Luigi I'm gonna

start out with these clear Orbeez these

kind of look like ghosts I have added a

ton in here next I'm gonna add some

bright neon green glitter we want this

to Sparkle Luigi is also a fan of coins

so let's go ahead and add some of this

confetti in here and some green confetti

we want this to be a green color for

Luigi what should we add in Luigi G

squishy okay definitely a mini Luigi to

find of course a ghost this one has its

tongue sticking out I'm also gonna add

this green pipe that they usually come

out of and I think that's all I'm gonna

add now on to the water I'm gonna dump

about three of these in here or maybe

two let's do another one I think the

Orbeez really fill this up now go ahead

and stir the add-ins oh I can feel the

Orbeez in there of course let's add a

scoop of the thickener powder I think

we're done let's go ahead and take a

look at our Luigi squishy here we go

don't I'm always afraid that this is

gonna pop and just go everywhere oh my

goodness this is gonna be so fun to

squish you know me wow this one has a

bunch of air let's go ahead and squeeze

out all of the air go ahead and make a

knot so it doesn't go everywhere and

let's go ahead and mix everything

together I gotta say this squishy is

massive compared to our Mario okay let's

find all of our characters we've got

Luigi right here what else did we put in

here oh here's the ghost I feel the

Orbeez in here too and of course we've

got the green pipe this one the water is

a little bit thicker which makes it even

more fun to squish all right here is our

Luigi squishy come little fans give me

your honest opinion which one did you

like better we've got Luigi's gold green

with a bunch of character add-ins too

and then we've got Marios I kind of like

Marios there's just so much more to look

at and I really do like the blue red and

yellow together whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

now we have to find a way to save Peach

from Bowser it's a good thing we have

each other




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