April 15, 2024

The Little Mermaid Movie 2023 DIY Squishies with Squishy Maker Ariel and Ursula! Crafts for Kids

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Today we are making The Little mermaid movie 2023 squishies in our squishy maker. The two mermaid dolls we are doing are ariel and ursula characters. To make these squishies you need clear birthday balloons, slime add-ins, and thickener. What a fun diy craft for kids to make at home. See which add ins we added into our squishy balls. #thelittlemermaid #thelittlemermaid2023 #littlemermaid

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Ariel wait up you're too fast for me

sorry flounder I forget you swim a lot

slower than I do you have quit the

collection of stuff Ariel I know we have

tons of shipwrecks I love collecting all

these Treasures I mean what is that

looking item I don't know maybe you

brush sand with it I want to go back to

the shipwrecks oh no not that place

again I have a fascination with these

items flounder Ariel oh hi Sebastian did

I hear something with shipwrecks oh no

you must have overheard someone else you

know you mustn't go there your father

gave you strict orders I know I know

don't leave these Seas okay

well if we can't go there let's go

exploring Ariel come on flounder we can

find some real Treasures wait up for me

Ariel what do you see down there Ariel

nothing yet flounder let's keep looking

oh flower I think I see something

whoa uh looks like another shipwreck to

me yeah with a bunch of these boxes

everywhere I wonder what they are or

better yet what's inside of them let's

open this one up oh fun these are so

rubbery they look like big rubbery balls

and you can put stuff in them I don't

think we should take them of course

we're gonna take them flounder have you

ever seen anything like this oh here's

another one let's see oh wow flounder

look at these gems Ariel what if there's

sharks around here don't worry flounder

there are no sharks you don't know that

I'm gonna get a couple more things this

blue box let's see what's inside let me

go ahead and pull this out

whoa there's sparkly mermaid looking

things I'm definitely getting this

flounder so many Treasures down here

what could all this stuff be used for

can you help us make something out of it

cavoodle fans welcome back to my Channel

today we are making my Little Mermaid

squishies we've got the beautiful Ariel

on the left and the evil Ursula on the

right give me your voice Ariel you

already tried that once Ursula ladies

ladies let's make your squishies let's

go ahead and get started with Ariel I've

got my squishy maker Ariel found this

stretchy ball looking thing it's a

translucent balloon that means we can

see right through it let's go ahead and

put this in the hole all right we're

gonna pump and make our balloon Bigger

now we're gonna add our mixins let's

start out with these shiny mermaids

these pink Ariels fit perfectly with

Ariel's color palette I think that's

going to be enough up next we have some

gems I like the Sparkle and the

different colors of these I'm also going

to add some pink foam beads to add a

little bit of texture who wants a

squishy without some glitter let's add

some of that in there too now comes the

water let's go ahead and pour

a lot of it in here whoa I'm also going

to add some thickening powder so it's

not so liquidy let's pour that in we're

going to take the Trident and I'm very

carefully going to mix everything

together whoa now it's glittery now our

cover goes on just like so and let's go

ahead and open this up whoa this is so

cool best part I like to release the air

very slowly so the water doesn't get out

now I'm gonna tie it make a big knot and

make sure it's nice and tight so that

nothing gets out all right cool fans I'm

gonna mix this together this is so cool

to the touch kind of feels like the

ocean all right so when you first look

at it it's like all glitter but then

when you squish it look I see a gem I

see all the mermaids and I see the foam

beads look glittery in one side

foam beads on the other I could just

squish this all day long get on with it

now it's my turn oh yes Ursula we have

not forgotten about you let's go ahead

and put the same balloon inside our

squishy maker

for Ursula Ariel found these beautiful

purple shells since Ursula has purple

hair and her skin color is purple

let's go ahead and add these to our

squishy area also found this piggy bank

as a treasure let's see what's inside

oh my goodness

they're gold beads let's throw those in

there these beads remind me of the voice

she stole from Ariel to go along with

the beads I have this gold confetti too

let's put just a little bit in there and

now I'm gonna pour some water in here a

little bit of this thickening for Ursula

I'm going to use this green stick let's

mix everything together put our cap on

here we go Ursula let's take a look at

it looks like the air is completely out

let's go ahead and tie this there's a

little bit of water that came out too

it's nice that these balloons are nice

and stretchy here is Ursula's squishy oh

my goodness

I don't know why but I really like this

one maybe it's because of all of the

seashells in there and little hearts and

the gems oh my goodness this one's

really cool looking so little fans which

Squishy did you like better we've got

Aerials with a bunch of mermaids foam

beads or ursulas with seashells and some

gems I actually like both of them well

oh they're sticking to each other

give me your voice and I'll give you my

squishy you can't try that on me again




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