April 12, 2024

DIY Ideas For a Backyard Movie Night - Stilababe09 hosts DIY Your Life

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

meredith (stilababe09) shows you fun and totally easy craft ideas! This week meredith shows you super cute diy ideas to make the perfect movie night for you and your friends! From seating, to snack ideas, and even a movie screen, this is a backyard party everyone can have! #diyourlife

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so many movies so little screen space

i've got it i can make my own big screen

for an outdoor movie night no tickets


i'm going to hang a white sheet on

whatever i have in my backyard for some

super innovative seating i've taken some

old inner tubes and wraps from the pool

and wrapped fun fabrics around them

instead of only passing around ordinary

salty popcorn in a bowl i'm going to

make popcorn cake pops


since it's getting darker outside i

might need to cozy up a bit that's why i

knit this circle scarf

and i didn't even need to use knitting

needles all i needed were my arms now

i'm super warm and have something to

hide behind when things get scary

speaking of scary i'm quite paranoid

about being bitten by mosquitoes make

sure the only blood suckers are on the

screen with this homemade bug repellent

it's super easy just mix together

purified water witch hazel and

citronella oil in a spray bottle and

voila attack of the bug creatures no


drive-in movie without the drive inner

tubes with fab fabrics for seating my

own white sheet movie screen

popcorn pop treats my circle scarf and

my bug repellent

this blockbuster movie is going to be a





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