June 19, 2024

I Made Genevieve's 12 Dancing Princesses Ballet Dress! | DIY Barbie Movie Costume

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Did anyone else grow up watching barbie? I'm totally obsessed with how this dress turned out, and I'm so excited to make another one!

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hi everyone welcome back to another

video today we're going to be making a

barbie dress and i'm sure you know what

i'm making from the thumbnail and title

we're going to be doing genevieve's 12

dancing princess ballet dress much like

everybody else i hope love the barbie

movies and i love their dresses so much

and i actually have made a few of them

in the past this movie is actually one

that i didn't really grow up watching

which is really weird because i think it

was released around the same time as the

other iconic ones i really always

watched barbie rapunzel princess and the

popper swan lake uh the nutcracker those

ones i did grow up on those and i never

really watched the 12 dancing princesses

until recently so we're gonna be making

her dress and i'm really really excited

because i'm going to be doing her

shorter ballet version instead of the

big ball gown one and this is kind of

different for me because usually i do do

full length dresses so i'm really

excited i already have all of our

materials including her ballet shoes

which i will be making and i'm really

really excited for this now one of the

reasons i actually want to do this dress

is because of the materials there's

something i've been holding on to for a

very long time that i thought would be

perfect for this dress and i've been

waiting for the perfect time to make it

so let me show you what i have i just

got finished filming a tick tock with

all of these materials so i conveniently

have all of them in this pile right here

the only thing i don't have is just a

few like the details she has some gold

detailing some flowers i have the main

things but this right here is what i've

had forever joanne's sent me like this

little gift box a few months back and i

saw this and this dress immediately came

to mind because of the gold thing she

has on the front of the bodice so i'm

really excited to finally use it we have

some ballet shoes which i'll be

transforming no i'm not a ballerina


you have to have the iconic shoes and

then because her skirt is ombre we

obviously have some dye we're going to

be dying this white chiffon and then i

have the white matte satin for her

bodice i have the pink matte satin for

the top of the bodice and then i have

this because it's going to be the

underskirt under the ombre so let's

start ideally today i'll get both the

skirts done and that means cutting them

sewing them and then ombre dyeing the

top one which i'm very nervous for i've

never ombre died let's hope it goes okay

i don't really know what i'm doing i'm

not a professional dyer as you guys have

seen in the video where i dyed aurora's

fabric blue i have this left over from

the wedding dress that i just made and i

just didn't want to buy more fabric and

since it's going to be underneath i'm

sure it's fine i might just dye this

under fabric very light pink just so

that you don't really see the cream

either way it's fine we're not too

particular here so we're gonna start

cutting the fabric i think i'm gonna do

half circle skirts for each thing

yeah before i start cutting skirt we

gotta measure how long it's gonna be and

i think it's gonna be knee length-ish i

think that's what hers is at so like

maybe 25 inches


that seems about right we'll do 25


i always feel super boring recording

half circle skirts over and over so this

is me just doing yet another circle

skirt in another video of mine


ah yes chiffon the devil's fabric don't

take my measuring tape honey buns we

have our skirts cut and there was a bit

of a plan change while i was cutting


this is the over layer that i will be

dyeing and i ended up doing one circle

skirt and one half circle skirt for a

lot of volume and then for the

underskirt i didn't want to do more than

a half circle skirt but i didn't have

enough of this fabric so the waist

radius wasn't big enough so i did have

to do a quarter skirt so this is three


of a circle right here and then the over

layer is

one and a half circles and we're gonna

sew them now and this is going very

smoothly sewing is gonna be not fun

because it's chiffon so we're gonna

start with the under layer first

i think we can all agree that nobody

likes to hem a skirt to make things

easier myself i'm going to have it with

horse hair this time i've only used this

one other time before when i made my

valentine's day dress you should go

watch that video i'm going to use this

horse hair it's going to give it volume

which i want since i don't want to put a

lot of effort into a petticoat and it

also is just really easy to use when you

want a quick way to hem a skirt so this

matte satin is going to be hemmed with

horse hair and then the skirt just needs

a waistband and it will be done and then

we'll have to make the chiffon skirt


excuse me mabel what are you doing

no you're not allowed to be on the table

it's going good except

the dreaded bobbin is running out we're

gonna have to fill it up i don't think

it's gonna make it the rest of this hem

you really need to get down now okay


go so we have the underskirt done and

now it's time to move on to this skirt

and i apologize if i'm going through

this too fast but i just feel like i'm

going to be so boring because i make the

same skirt basically for everything i do

it's either circle skirt has circle

skirt rectangle a gathered circle skirt

and i don't want to seem too boring so

let me know i don't know i just try to

rush through the skirt process because i

feel like you guys have seen a million

times and nobody wants to watch me make

circle skirts so we have this now we got

to do this one this one we are not gonna

hem it because since it's chiffon it's

going to stretch um in some of the

places where it's the bias so i'm going

to actually hang it up and stretch it

out and then re-cut it and then we'll

have it and then we'll dye it both

skirts are done now still need to dye it

this hem has given me such a nuisance i

already gave it a haircut a big haircut

as you can see and i thought it was done

warping and then i aimed it and it

warped some more and it's probably going

to even work more after i dye it and all

the wetness is like hanging on it so i'm

going to just dye it and if i have to

rehem it i will because that's really

bothering me but i did a zigzag stitch

if you can see before i dive in and

ombre i am going to do a little swatch

test because i don't want it to be like

too pink you know this is pink but if

you look this is really purple and this

is more reddish pink so i have the pink

and i have the red and i have the

fabric pieces that i'm going to dye and

i'm going to just

kind of feel out the shade before i

really dive into the actual thing so i

have my hot water and i'm just gonna go

for it and

hopefully the color is

how i want it to be okay that looks


that's not even the right color that's

literally purple you're telling me i

don't know if the camera is picking that


they're calling that super pink




and it's coming up purple um


let me just see

what our super pink looks like

the tiniest little drop

no good thing i have red so i don't have

to go out anywhere that's nice that's a

plus that's very much reading purple i'm

gonna add some red because this is not

the vibe it's not the vibe stop i'm

gonna go in with a little bit of red and

if this doesn't turn out how i want i

think i might have to go to the store to

get another thing of red because i might

need a two to one ratio

i'm not supposed to be scientific when

you do this but i just i just go for it

okay this is looking

more like how

it needs to look so let me dip another

little piece

in oh that's immediately better okay

hopefully two things is enough if i do

an exact ratio of pink to red that's

coming up like that and i can imagine if

it soaks longer oh yeah i hope it's able

to get darker than this though the good

news is that i figured out the right

color but the bad news is that this

fabric does not hold dye very well it

needs to be way darker than this and i

just dipped it for quite a while and

this is as dark as i was able to get it

which is not good i need it way darker

what are you gonna do this is literally

the story of my life when i dye fabric i

never get enough dye

so this is me dyeing the fabric with two

bottles of dye and one pot of water and

spoil alert it did not work obviously so

then i was like oh let me add some

vinegar and that was a waste of vinegar

because it did not set the dye anymore

this fabric does not take dye very well

at all so that's like soaking in two

bottles of dye in really shallow water

and it barely took any even though this

was in for like 20 minutes and this was

in for two seconds it's still like the

same color so i went and got four more

so we're gonna really concentrate that

water hopefully this will darken up

the matte satin soaked in a bunch of dye

while i went to joann's for about 40

minutes and as you can see in this clip

it totally rinsed

white again and it did not hold any dye

just like the chiffon so i added four

more bottles of dye and i'm gonna tell

you right now it did not work it still

did not work and i was so so mad

welcome back it is day two and we are

here with another episode of failed die


so apparently the fabrics that i had

don't like to take dye

even after i put six whole bottles it's

barely turned from white to pink not

even an ombre these ends right here were

in for literally a second i dipped it in

and took it out this top up here i kept

in for about at least half an hour is

there an ombre no so you know what this


we get to go to joann's again

now am i totally mad about this no the

reason being because i actually is still

going to use both of these skirts and

it's just going to add to the floof and

i might not even have to make a

petticoat because this is pretty poofy

and yeah so my joann's never had

anything in stock that i need so i am

not going with faith that there's going

to be the right color let's go to the

store again and pray that they have


i'm actually in love with the sparkly

organza that i found at joann's and it

really reminded me of barbie with the

swirls so i cut a circle skirt out of it

and it has the best fluff and it's the

prettiest color and i think it's gonna

work very well

i'm really proud of the way that i

problem solved and was able to get an

ombre without actually having anything

ombre so as you saw it did not die

clearly but i am using those bottom

pieces for fluff so i did not have to

end up making a petticoat and then when

i was at joann's i had like this aha

moment in my head it was after i found

this pretty sparkly fabric but i knew it

still wouldn't be very strong of an

ombre so i bought six yards of fuchsia

tulle and you could probably already see

what i did i bought two cuts of three

yards so i folded the two cuts in half

stack them on top of each other and that

gives you four layers so there's four

layers and then i cut them layers just

like you would cut layers for hair so

that there's most gathers at the top so

it's concentrated pink and then as you

cut the layers down and it kind of

spreads out there's less and less pink

and it really did create this ombre

effect and then by putting this over it

it makes it all smoothed out so you get

a really subtle effect and i'm really

really proud of this and it totally

lifted my spirits because like i've said

before i always get so defeated so

easily in projects but it always ends up

turning out even better than i thought

it would it's just a lesson that you

just need to stick with it and i really

like this i might actually even cut

deeper layers because i think i want a

little bit more of an ombre but we'll

see but yeah you can totally tell

especially when you like spin it that

there's a lot of a great ombre effect so

i'm really really proud of that and

that's how we solve that problem and the

skirts are finally done and i can move

on to the point shoes finally going to

get started on these shoes before i go

any further i want to put a disclaimer

to all of the point shoe police

that no i'm not a dancer no i don't care

that you're going to say i'm going to

break my ankles when i already know that

i'm not gonna dance on them i don't even

think they're danceable because they're

like 20 shoes i got off of amazon like i

don't even think you could dance in

these if you wanted to so please don't

come to me with your comments because i

don't care so yes today we are going to

be decorating these and i'm really

really excited here is all of my

supplies i have the flowers i have these

to make bows and this ribbon to tie it

up and then of course we're going to be

painting it so the first thing i'm doing

is drawing the line on them where the

color switches because i don't want to

go into this blindly and so that way i


where to paint up to and i'm just going

to be using cheap acrylic paints for

these since i don't really need them to

be that durable i think that the acrylic

will be and actually acrylic doesn't

come out of fabric anyway so i think

that it will be a fine option


i'm just going for it now and i'm just

gonna paint away i don't really think

there's gonna be much to it the paint

it's nice that it's um a thin

consistency so it really is going on

quite nicely and since this is all going

to be covered up by embellishments it

doesn't have to be the cleanest job i'm

noticing that it's um soaking into the

fabric i think it's the perfect color

there was so many options at the store

and the shades were so close yet so

different and i didn't know which one to

choose but i think this one is really

good i'm also going to i think make

another one of the sisters because i've

been having a lot of fun with this

project so if you want to let me know

who i should do in the comments that

would be greatly appreciated because i

would love to do another one and make

another pair of shoes i've got the first

coat of this shoe done so now i'm going

to move on to this shoe

both of the base shoes are painted now

and this one has had a moment to dry

excuse my hands i'm they're messy my

nails kind of match anyway and now that

it's drying she's looking really crusty

hopefully after a second coat it won't

look that crusty it's kind of hard to

pick up oh focus please it's hard to

pick up on the camera but it's kind of

blotchy probably because it's not all

the way dry

i have the both layers painted so now

we're going to do the raspberry darker

colored pink on the tips of the toes and

i don't know if this one is going to

need more than one coat since it is

darker so we'll just have to wait and

see the color is so perfect

i cannot wait this is one of those

things that you see as a kid that you

want so bad and i'm making it look real

and i'm it's gonna be so awesome


the shoes are done

like i said these are not real point

shoes so don't come for me they are so

so cute here they are i think they

turned out so pretty so these are done

and now we can move on to what will

probably be the most complicated part of

this the bodice i love to use irania

black's corset patterns when i need a

really nice corset that goes over my

waist her corset patterns are amazing

and they are free and i will link them

down below if you want to download one

she has so many different options and i

am so grateful for the patterns that she

makes so i'll be using her sylvia

overbust corset pattern today and i have

all my pieces and lining cut out already

with matte satin and we are ready to do

this and i'm very excited i will be

changing it slightly at the neckline and

at the bottom of it because of the way

obviously that genevieve's corset goes

where it's kind of like a swoopy thing

so we'll just be trimming it off after i

sew it together step one is to sew the

lining together and then using this bias

tape we'll do the boning channels i will

meet you back when i finish sewing

together the lining and outer fabric and

once i have the boning channels sewn in

and they will just be on every seam and

it's going to be really easy

i have the lining sewn and now i want to

show you that i'm doing a gold piping on

some of the not all just some of the

seams for the outer layer because she

does have gold piping on hers and

originally i was gonna glue down a trim

and then i was like why am i being so

stupid just do some piping so

there we go i got the piping from hobby

lobby we're there now we have the lining

which i'm really proud of this is called

piping i've never done piping in seam

before i've only ever done it on a hem

or whatever and i think it looks pretty

good there's some spots where it's wonky

but i really really like it and then i

have the lining which obviously you can

tell i ran out of white and had to use

pink and then i had the boning channels

so now to finish this up i'm actually

going to put this on top of this sew

along this top line right sides together

flip it out so that i have a finished

top neckline and then for the bottom hem

i have some gold bias tape right there

that i'll finish up to put the gold on

and then we can start with the appliques


it's really turning out good you can see

the corset start to form there's no

boning in this yet and i am just going

to be using zip ties just to be cost

effective but as you can see there is

the lining there's the front and the

next step i'll probably top stitch this

neckline down so that it's nice and

clean and then we'll add the zip ties

and that's my favorite part because then

it has the structure and it will suck

you in and it will be really really

really good


hi guys excuse the pajamas it's the next

day and i finished the base corset and i

did decide i actually i guess i didn't

decide but i ended up not filming

because i don't know it just felt really

straightforward i already explained it

and i didn't even know what there would

be to film i thought it would be boring

so here it is finished it was very easy

now all that's left is to add grommets

which looking at these i don't think i

have enough so that means i'm going to

have to go to the store today

and then we can do the actual fun parts

which is the embellishment of it so

we'll have the gold

thingy right here and then i have a rose

some leaves very pretty and then of

course like the two pink gemstones i

might do embellishments first promise

last i'll have to count them let's do

the fun part now i was about to uh

stitch this on and i realized it

literally is a hotfix iron-on applique

so i saved like half an hour from sewing

this on and i'm just able to iron it

onto the front we're just going to

probably put it just right at the top

and iron it down


today i'm finishing up the

costume by doing the pink

puff sleeves and the bodice so i need to

drape the pattern and then i'm going

gonna stop by hobby lobby and then i'm

gonna sew it all together and hopefully

i can finish it today because this video

needs to be out by friday

so let's drape it time lapse


pattern is made except for the sleeves

and it's kind of like a crop top or kind

of like regency dress it was always a

fabric to do a whole bodice when you're

just going to see the top part so i'm

just going to sew it on to the corset

and you'll just see the pink part on top

now i'll take this off and cut the

fabric and then the one thing i don't

know about yet is how i'm going to do

the petals because i have no idea what i

want to do for those yet i'm going to

figure it out though


for the hem of the sleeve i added this

really pretty lace onto the bottom and i

did the puffs and it's looking really

really cute and i'm going to add it to

the bodice ever since i learned how to

put a sleeve in flat it has changed my

life and if you don't know how to put it

in flat i highly recommend you learn


so i haven't really filmed today because

i don't feel very well but i wanted to

show you guys how i'm going to make the

petals i already made them and it looks

really good so let me show you what i

did i found this iridescent stuff from

my elsa spirit dress that i just did and

i was like oh my gosh that would be

perfect and then i have some left over

white chiffon that i didn't dye for the

skirt so i sandwiched one layer of white

chiffon in between two layers of this so

i kind of folded it like that and then

cut the petals out and then i go through

and i zigzag around so it doesn't fray

and it turns out like this and i think

it's going to be

really really good and then i'm going to

add some rhinestones to it to make it

pop and i'm just going to make them in

different sizes and then we'll pin them

to the bodice and add the binding after

that i think it's almost going to be

done i just have to add this which i

have barely shown

on to the core set and things will be

looking good


i just finished filming the reveal i'm

editing and i just want to say one more

time that i know that you're not

supposed to dance in pointe shoes but i

am going to pose because that's what the

dress is about and yes i know that i

probably tied them wrong and that's

because i was going for the way that the

movie tied it and i acknowledge that's

wrong i acknowledge that there's risks

to doing what i was doing and i hope

that you enjoy the reveal






for my



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