July 14, 2024

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY Painting Coloring Book + Bowser Sings Peaches Song!

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Today bowser from The Super Mario Bros movie is singing peaches song and painting for Princess Peach. Some other characters include Mario, Luigi, and Toad. See what fun pages we got to do. #mariomovie #mario #thesupermariobrosmovie

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what's up again

this one's for my one and only true love

Princess Peach Peach you're so cool and

with my style we're gonna rule

Peach understand

I'm gonna love you till the very end

Bowser leave me alone but I love you

Princess Peach peaches peaches peaches

peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches

I don't feel the same way I know

what I'm gonna do I'm gonna paint for



Capital fans welcome back to my Channel

today we are going to be painting some

Mario characters let's go ahead and find

an image that we can paint and I'm

guessing Bowser wants to paint Princess

Peach so let's go ahead and find her

cutesy toads oh here's some images we've

got Princess Peach and some flowers or

it looks like she's standing in this one

we also have this one I don't think

Bowser is going to be too happy seeing

Mario and Peach together see here's

another one of her this one looks really

nice and look we have our friends toad

Mario and Luigi with her I've got my

beautiful watercolor paints we have so

many different colors let me put these

over here I'm actually gonna go ahead

and tear this page here we go I've got

my paint brushes and water I'm gonna

start out with her hair let me bring up

Princess Peach so we get all of the

colors right dunk your brush in some

water we're gonna start with the yellow

I have put a lot of water in here let's

get started oh this is a beautiful deep

yellow which is perfect for her hair



color we're going to have to mix some

paints together I am going to do some

pink and this one's kind of like a

yellowish greenish type color so I'm

going to mix these two together I hope

this is going to turn out all right not

too bad it created a beige color which

is a little bit darker than I wanted but

it should do the trick


always wash your paintbrush after each

color now we've got the skin tone the

hair let's work on the dress I'm gonna

need a bigger paint brush for her dress

I'm gonna go with this one her dress has

two different pink colors let's work on

the lighter one first we're gonna need a

lot of pink let's get started that is so



thank you


now I'm going to do a darker color for

different areas in her dress so let's

take this it's kind of like a maroon

color definitely darker


let's go back to the yellow I've

combined it with another color to make

it a darker yellow kind of like a gold

for the crown and I'm using it it's kind

of like a mustard color right here I'm

doing both of these together let's go

ahead and do the middle little circle

right here she's got a blue gem too but

it's yellow around the blue gem well

let's work on her earrings and all of

the gem pieces we need this blue I'm

gonna carefully it's a little bit

watered down I don't want it to mix with

the yellow

then it'll create a green color do this

one as well

and then she's got some in her crown

just like that whoopsies her crown

actually has a red one in the front I

had no idea let me do this red then let

me see if that'll do the trick there we

go her lips are also they have a little

bit of color to them and I'm gonna put

this red on her that added a lot of

color let's go back to the blue because

her eyes are this color and you have to

be really careful with her eyes Princess

Peach is very kind the residence of the

Mushroom Kingdom adore her I like her



next up we are going to go ahead and

paint Mario I'm gonna pick out an even

bigger brush let's go ahead and make

sure it's nice and wet and I'm gonna

start with his overalls which are blue

he likes his overalls same with his

brother whoa this is a big brush

that's it for his overalls I don't see

the straps now his shirt is red that's

underneath the overalls and Luigi's is

green this is a very vibrant red


all right so far so good let me just

finish up with his pants actually we

have these two pieces that's where his

gold buttons are but I just see a little

bit of this one that's it next up is the

brown color


and his hair now I'm going to go ahead

and mix the yellow and the pink together

to create a skin color hopefully that

will turn out


not too bad couple more things

I have to take some of this red

and this m is red too M for Mario

duh and blue for his eyes carefully do


we're done wait let's finish the star

get a lot of yellow Mario got the star

back from Bowser so of course we have to

paint that

perfect Mario's all done


Peach what do you think about my drawing

I don't know how to say this any other

way Bowser but I don't like you what



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