June 19, 2024

DIY Movie Night! Snacks, Decor & more!

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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Ahhh I'm so excited to bring you this diy Movie Night video! I've been obsessed with party planning lately (after reading Lauren Conrad's Celebrate book) and I'm so happy with how my this one turned out! In the video I share with you the diy Invitations, Snack Table/Concession set up and a few of my all time favorite movies!


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tell me miss video it's not eating all

the candy

cuz it's broken thank God hey guys

welcome back to my channel I hope you're

all doing well today's video is really

really really exciting because we're

gonna be doing a DIY movie night party

and I actually got this idea from one of

you goes on Instagram so I'll have that

comment right here it was such a good

idea I definitely won't like obviously I

wanted to do it I'm doing the video now

but I just thought this was so much fun

and especially for summer if you guys

want to throw a themed

party or this one pretty much works all

year round you know it works for a

birthday party or just a random Friday

night your toys up to you but I think

it's a really fun idea and I had a lot

of fun filming this video so I hope you

guys enjoy it and if this is the first

time you've seen my face here on YouTube

don't forget to hit that subscribe

button cuz that would be awesome

imma leave it up that would go move up

and without further ado let's go ahead

and jump into the DIY movie night I'm

really excited hurry

this dude is the first step to any party

is inviting people to come so I wanted

to share with you guys how I made these

invitations I know that a lot of people

do Facebook invites or Facebook events

nowadays but I think that having a

physical invitation is really fun so for

my invitations I use three different

types of paper as you can see I used red

and white stripe as well as a gold piece

and then a white piece to put on top and

just layered them accordingly so you can

see each of them equally and then on the

white piece of paper that's going on the

top of the invite is where I put all the

information so I put admit one as well

as what they're getting invited to when

the party is where it is and to RSVP so

you know exactly how many guests you are

expecting that night and to layer the

pieces on top of each other I just used

regular double-sided tape from the

dollar store it worked perfectly fine

and you just want to make sure the edges

are smooth and I did that to both layers

and then I went ahead and took some

scissors and just cut the corners out

because I thought it looked more like a

ticket that way that's pretty much all I

did for my invitations


I think that popcorn is pretty essential

for a movie night so I started off by

putting my popcorn machine on the corner

of the table as well as this decorative

sign just saying when the movie is going

to begin and obviously you're gonna need

some candy and some chocolate and lots

of it if you're hosting a movie night so

go ahead and pick out a ton of that


Walmart seem to have the cheapest and

the largest quantities so that's where I

got mine and then for the tins and the

buckets you see me putting the candy in

I got those all at Michaels in the

clearance section they were really

inexpensive and they also fit the theme

and they're really cute and they held

the candy really well and of course it

just looks really aesthetically pleasing

I really love displaying the candy like

this because people can choose what

pieces they want to put in their candy

bag or they can even mix some of the

chocolate into their popcorn if they so

wish to do so and it just keeps it kind

of open and a free-for-all if that's

what you want and again fun colors and

who just doesn't love candy seriously

and I think I picked a good assortment

of things for the candy lover as well as

the chocolate lover

moving on to drinks I think it's a

really cute idea to get these milk

bottles these are glass ones from

Michael's and then place a chalkboard

sticker or a label on top and that way

your guests can write down their own

name it gives them something to do and

you can also put nicknames or something

and if you're of legal drinking age I

think would be really fun to have a

themed drink for your party is something

that you found maybe on Pinterest or

other places online there's so many fun

ideas out there so this would be a

really good place to try one out and

then behind the drinks I just went ahead

and stored some extra straws as well as

the candy bags if my guests so wish to

now put candy in a bag and the last

thing you're gonna want to prepare is

the popcorn because you're gonna want to

have it fresh and hot and ready as your

guests arrive but you also want to have

it cooking ahead of time just so the

aroma of the popcorn starts to fill the

room and it's totally up to you if you

want to have your guests fill their own

popcorn bags or if you want to do it

ahead of time

and I got these little popcorn bags and

Michael's as well they were really

inexpensive and I think they're a really

good individual portion size


I hope this video gave you guys some

inspiration to host your own movie night

and feel free to like make more snacks I

just figured that doing just candy and

popcorn was a really cost efficient way

to do it and it's also pretty easy and

less messy but feel free to look on

Pinterest for other movie snacks and

different things like that you can

really go extravagant or you can keep it

really simple either way it's gonna be a

really fun night with you and your



now that we have the invitations done

and everything is set up for the party

you have to go ahead and pick a movie to

watch with your friends and obviously

you can decide when they all show up

what movie you guys would like to see

and I wanted to give you guys some of my

favorite movies in case you are looking

for some new ones

my first favorite movie I don't actually

have on DVD or blu-ray it is singing in

the rain it's a musical it's an older

one but it's my all-time favorite movie

highly recommend if you like musicals

and then next in line would be grease

again a classic and I have the leather

case Edition I love this thanks so much

but I really like this movie and then a

couple others that I would recommend to

you guys first me girls I think this

would be such a fun one to do for any

movie night just because you could do

like a bingo or like a trivia or like

different games that go along with it so

that would be a really fun one and then

it classic again this happy one is the

last song I love Miley Cyrus oh

definitely let me know any comment down


hey what your favorite movie snack is

cuz that's really important and be what

your favorite movie is because I would

really like to know and I think that

everyone's pretty different when it

comes to their movie preferences so I'd

be very curious what your favorite is

give this video a thumbs up if you liked

it and if you'd like to see more videos

like this on my channel in the future

and again don't forget to subscribe to

my channel before you leave and I will

see you lovely people in my next video

have a great day bye


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